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Fitness with #teamNFC

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Stress, rush, make excuses, repeat.  Can you relate to my struggle to keep fitness at the top of my daily priority list?
When I make time to stretch, breathe, burn calories and tone muscle, I feel incredibly better — simply from a stress-relief standpoint.  It feels good to have enough energy to work, care for my family and be able to play with my kids!

Chris Barron Morristown NFC

I’m learning that the fitness professionals at National Fitness Center have designed plans for getting even more results in fitness and weight loss.  Being part of the #teamNFC program is a wonderful opportunity to make some progress on my fitness journey and to share with you what I’m learning along the way.  I’ll be sharing #teamNFC highlights with you on an ongoing basis here on the blog and in other social media.

If you live in the East Tennessee area and decide to visit one eight facilities that are part of the National Fitness Center family for yourself, I hope you’ll tell them Anne sent you!