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Inside the Bowed Psaltery Maker’s Workshop

Rick Long tells me his mother was a musician and his father was a woodworker.  Although he spent years in road and utility construction, when he and his wife decided he should work from home, Long already had the skills to start his second career.  He’s been using master woodworking skills to construct bowed psalteries […]

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DIY Pine Deck Bench Project

Summer is off to a fresh start in our backyard with the addition of three new homemade deck benches.  My husband kept his promise to finish off our deck by creating a corner seating area.  He made the same bench as he had previously for our side deck. Plus he added another bench to the side […]

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Hand Hewn Wood Projects from The Heart

My husband gave me some costly Christmas presents this year.  Not expensive ones.  He didn’t need to go to a store.  He took a hand-me-down cutting board from his grandpa’s basement and routed and sanded it to fit the unique space next to our kitchen sink.  It replaces the knicked up plastic cutting board that came with the sink. He also […]

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Wooden Deck Bench

Here’s how we added a simple wooden deck bench to the deck. My husband finally put down his chainsaw and started using the miter saw for his next bench project.  He customized this pine bench for a little space on the edge of our deck. He used 4 x 4s for the legs, 1 x […]

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Rustic Poplar Benches

I love these rustic poplar benches! It seemed like a tragedy that a beautiful poplar had to be cut down in our front yard.  But, safety necessitated it.  Limbs had started falling from the dying tree.  My husband salvaged much of the remaining solid wood into a half-dozen benches. He used his chainsaw to carve […]

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Rustic Wooden Bridge

We’ve developed a renewed appreciation for the little foot bridge that my husband built a while back.  It spans a small drainage ditch along a short forest path on our property. During trick-or-treating festivities, he dressed as a troll and handed out prizes to the kids after they answered his riddles and math questions.  The […]

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