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Breast Cancer Fund Puts Focus on Prevention

What if our friends and loved ones never had to suffer from cancer because it could be prevented in the first place?  It’s such a bold, bodacious idea that the Breast Cancer Fund dares to ask it. Science and Education Manager Connie Engel, PhD said, “We focus on prevention by eliminating those environmental exposures  that […]

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Uniquely Athletic Moms Start Crowdfunding for Sports Wheelchair

Melissa Peplow and Vicky Wallace It’s a beautiful day and Melissa Peplow is watching the time as she and her training partner approach various points on  their morning route. Vicky Wallace has driven them to the lakeside trail in their hometown of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  “She has the wheels all the way around,” joked Peplow […]

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Women Voting Issues 92 Years after Suffrage

100-million women in the United States are poised to do what their great grandmothers pioneered just 92 years ago. They’ll be able to go into a voting booth and make decisions independent of the men in their lives.  In a nation still without an Equal Rights Amendment, we at least have the 19th amendment and […]

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