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Museum Remembers Coal Mining Tradition in West Virginia

I’m proud of the tiny wrench stamped with “Ford” on it from my grandfather’s tool collection.  It’s a relic from his years of working at the Ford Garage and other garages before that, where he was known for his ability to tinker with automobiles and fix just about anything.  While the Model T went only […]

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From Lawn Mowing to Food Growing

What if you never had to mow a section of your lawn again?  It’s possible, if you can dedicate even a small portion to a food and/or flower bed.  We recently dedicated another portion of our family’s backyard to growing food.  We’ve filled our little fenced-in garden of raised beds (and extra containers) until it’s […]

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Flour Sack Mama’s Carrot-Coconut Muffin Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links. Did you know June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month?  The beginning of summer, when gardens and farmers’ markets are bursting with freshness, is the ideal time to appreciate the goodness of real, wholesome foods! I’m raising my kids to appreciate the simple taste of foods like organic carrot […]

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Frugal Homemade Car Organizers

Ever bought a ready-made organizer for your car and found it didn’t quite work?  We had been underwhelmed with a ready-made organizer purchased a few years ago and just stopped using it.  I wanted something larger and more versatile. Old blue jeans and other remnants helped create extremely frugal, all-cloth organizers to go on the […]

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Inside the Bowed Psaltery Maker’s Workshop

Rick Long tells me his mother was a musician and his father was a woodworker.  Although he spent years in road and utility construction, when he and his wife decided he should work from home, Long already had the skills to start his second career.  He’s been using master woodworking skills to construct bowed psalteries […]

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Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles

Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles Long-time customer Clark Walker brought a well-worn pair of loafers to the counter, where Barbara Woods closely eyed the soles.  “I’d put a solid rubber heel on that.  It’ll wear a lot better,” she advised. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” shared Walker. Before leaving his shoes, he’d […]

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