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Studying and Protecting Western Water Resources

University of Colorado researchers are closely watching how the composition of snowpack is changing in the Rocky Mountains and what happens when it melts faster than in previous years. They’re measuring the amount of nitrogen from human activity that has been deposited via the atmosphere into alpine streams. Environmental groups like the Wilderness Society are […]

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Tennessee’s US Senators Alexander & Corker Introduce Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013

Bald River Falls Renowned outdoorsman US Senator Lamar Alexander has teamed up with US Senator Bob Corker to preserve more of Tennessee’s wilderness. The pair have introduced the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013. If the popular bill becomes law, nearly 20,000 acres of Cherokee National Forest will be designated as wilderness, adding an extra layer […]

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Exploring Tennessee’s Wilderness

You don’t have to travel far to explore Tennessee’s wild side.  Thankfully, we still have areas like Cherokee National Forest where tree canopies and cool waters lure hikers and anglers.  Recently WildSouth’s Jeff Hunter took a group of new media folks out to an area conservationists want to preserve with the Tennessee Wilderness Act.  We […]

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Protecting Headwaters for Downstream Residents

Bald River FallsCherokee National Forest It’s a resource so precious that Georgia leaders have considered helping themselves to it by nudging the boundary between that state and Tennessee near the city of Chattanooga.  The water that flows along the Tennessee River is the primary drinking water source for Chattanooga’s 170,000 residents.  Before that water gets […]

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Rediscovering Wilderness in the American Southeast

Bald River Falls, Tennessee A family from Illinois was posing for photos at Bald River Falls when our small group stopped our cars.  No wonder it’s one of the most photographed backdrops in Tennessee, with visitors from around the country.  Spectacular whitewater cascades then slows as it converges to the north with the Tellico River, […]

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