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Studying and Protecting Western Water Resources

University of Colorado researchers are closely watching how the composition of snowpack is changing in the Rocky Mountains and what happens when it melts faster than in previous years. They’re measuring the amount of nitrogen from human activity that has been deposited via the atmosphere into alpine streams. Environmental groups like the Wilderness Society are […]

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Defending Against Western Wildfires

What do mountain pine beetles and wildfires have in common?  According to foresters, both can destroy poorly managed forests but are less likely to cause damage in well managed forests.  Both thrive in drought conditions. Ryan Lockwood of the Colorado State Forest Service said, “Long-term drought and heavy buildup of trees essentially leads to both […]

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West Gets Wilder in Extreme Climate Times

No words can adequately express the sacrifice of the 19 heroes who stood up to that Arizona wildfire and lost their lives.  Loved ones and fellow firefighters honored the Prescott 19 by draping flags and gathering for a moving memorial service.  The fondly named Hotshots, skilled at this dangerous work, were trapped by flames when […]

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