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ShiftCon Unites Eco-Wellness & Social Media in Los Angeles because #ShiftHappens

You can find plenty of fitness expositions full of yogis, iron men and nutrition “experts.” You can take your pick of social media conferences where bloggers can sit and chat. In Los Angeles this week, both concepts come together for the first-of-its kind eco-wellness and social media conference named ShiftCon! Yes, #ShiftHappens, exclaim bloggers gathering […]

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A Dozen Reasons for Looking Forward to ShiftCon

ShiftCon has sprouted up as a fresh approach to new media conferencing, setting itself apart from an already crowded landscape of blogging events! The blogosphere has inspired an entire industry of conferences, seeking to connect those who work and socialize online with in-person experiences.  We’ve shared with you previous visits to BlogHer, Type A Parent […]

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The Radiant Woman’s Handbook – Book Review

(Book reviews may contain affiliate links to allowing you to purchase a book.) Do we really need another book on extreme dieting, unattainable beauty or celebrity lives?  Aren’t you tired of picking up self-help books or women’s magazines that begin by inspiring you but leave you feeling inadequate?  Maybe The Radiant Woman’s Handbook by author […]

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Determined Women Finish Half Marathon Despite Obstacles

You start out with something not going your way. You fall down. You get back up. You finish what you started. You couldn’t imagine a clearer metaphor for life than the one Vicky Wallace and Melissa Peplow measured in strides on a cold December morning in East Tennessee.  The friends finished a personal best for […]

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Cancer Schmancer Founder Fran Drescher Encourages Women’s Voices

Her distinctive voice and comedic timing made Fran Drescher a household name in the 90s sitcom The Nanny.  She’s been entertaining audiences again with Happily Divorced on TV Land.  Drescher is using her voice to educate and encourage with her book and organization Cancer Schmancer!  She recently chatted via teleconference with women across the country […]

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Two For One Racing Team Overcomes Challenges

The challenge of a midnight 8K is motivating two East Tennessee friends to keep training against the odds. We first introduced you to Vicky Wallace and Melissa Peplow in May.  They’ve since named their racing team Two for One, have coordinating racing shirts, and have another race behind them.  In their first race since naming […]

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US Rowing Spokesman Promotes Rowing for Fitness

US Rowing Youth National Championships Parents and are venturing out onto the water to teach children rowing at younger and younger ages.  So, it makes sense to AJ Dominique that youth rowing is such a rapidly growing sport.   “We run events and regattas that reach everyone from age 13 to age 89,” said Dominique proudly, […]

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California Updating Flame Retardant Rules for Furniture

More than five years ago, chemist Arlene Blum was writing about Killer Couch Chemicals, telling about her cat’s struggle with hyperthyroidism, and trying to sound a warning about toxins in our furniture.  Blum had her cat’s blood tested and confirmed for high levels of flame retardant chemicals called PBDEs, also found at high levels in […]

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Exploring Cool Facts and Fuzzy Science

I could hardly tear my oldest daughter away from the solar system exhibit when we last visited a popular science center.  Not only were the planets perfectly suspended and illuminated to awe visitors, but the interactive touch screens drew kids in to learn fun facts and cool concepts.   The shiny metal scale challenged our […]

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