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Visiting Eureka Springs with Kids

This is a sponsored post in cooperation with the Eureka Springs City Advertising & Promotion Commission & their affiliates in order to bring you more quality content! Picturesque rolling hills with romantic streets color the enclave of Northwest Arkansas called Eureka Springs.  Maybe you’ve visited, as I did years ago with my husband, when we […]

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Clean Water Worries for Rural Arkansas Residents

Residents of the The Natural State are wondering how clean their waterways will be if the oil and gas industry has its way with a disputed water discharge permit.  An administrative law judge is anticipated to rule soon on citizen concerns about allowing treated wastewater, possibly from natural gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking operations, to […]

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Studying and Protecting Western Water Resources

University of Colorado researchers are closely watching how the composition of snowpack is changing in the Rocky Mountains and what happens when it melts faster than in previous years. They’re measuring the amount of nitrogen from human activity that has been deposited via the atmosphere into alpine streams. Environmental groups like the Wilderness Society are […]

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US Rowing Spokesman Promotes Rowing for Fitness

US Rowing Youth National Championships Parents and are venturing out onto the water to teach children rowing at younger and younger ages.  So, it makes sense to AJ Dominique that youth rowing is such a rapidly growing sport.   “We run events and regattas that reach everyone from age 13 to age 89,” said Dominique proudly, […]

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Adventures Outdoors Offers Summer Recreation on Melton Hill Lake

Owner Karen Lloyd Adventures Outdoors One of the globe’s most popular rowing sites is offering even more choices for people who want low-cost lakeside recreation.  A new outdoor rental service is now open on the popular stretch of Melton Hill Lake along East Tennessee’s Melton Lake Park. Top collegiate athletes have competed for decades in […]

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Bamboo Bean Poles, Freckled Lettuce and More

Bamboo Poles for Beans Thanks to our neighbor sharing some downed bamboo and my husband’s resourcefulness, we have some beautiful new bean poles for this year’s garden.  This replaces last year’s poles made from surplus plastic pipe.  Once the bamboo is stripped of the tiny branches and leaves, it’s easy to work with. Freckled lettuce is […]

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Our Homemade Rain Barrel Project

Our little garden gets the opportunity to conserve as much as 50-gallons of extra rainwater each time we have a downpour, thanks to my husband’s thrifty rainbarrel project.  He used a clean, plastic barrel leftover from our house construction and spent approximately $25 on extra parts to make it work. In addition to the barrel he used these parts:  a piece […]

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