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Walmart’s Newly Updated Sustainable Chemistry Policy Offers Hope, Confuses Love-Hate Relationship with Green Consumers

I’m pretty sure Santa shopped at Walmart when I was a kid.  It was also one of the few places accessible for clothes shopping when I was growing up.  For many in rural America, the Super stores have long offered the largest selection of groceries, including somewhat fresh produce.  And the friendly greeters, you have […]

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Talking Non-Toxics & Organics for Home at March Clean Couponing Party

*The following is a sponsored post for #CleanCouponing sponsors Zoeganics & SOS From Texas.  My opinions are always my own. So you know about eating organic.  What other ways can an organic lifestyle benefit you or your family? Did you know a large portion of the globe’s pesticides are used, not on food, but on […]

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Cleaning House with NEW Non-Toxic Zoeganics!

*The following is a sponsored post for Zoeganics, but my opinions are always my own! Raise your hand if you love cleaning house!  You do, really?  Ok, so maybe you and that one  mom character in a movie I just watched loves to clean house day and night.  The rest of us know the importance […]

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Meet Rafflecopter Crew Members

Excited about all that new media has to offer?  While we embrace simple living here at, we also see that new media, in proper perspective, has its place in our lives.  Just like the television set, of course you have to know when to unplug.  When used wisely, new, social media offers many ways […]

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The Radiant Woman’s Handbook – Book Review

(Book reviews may contain affiliate links to allowing you to purchase a book.) Do we really need another book on extreme dieting, unattainable beauty or celebrity lives?  Aren’t you tired of picking up self-help books or women’s magazines that begin by inspiring you but leave you feeling inadequate?  Maybe The Radiant Woman’s Handbook by author […]

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Blogging Conference Comparisons

New to the blogging world and wondering which blog conference to attend?  I’ve had the opportunity to attend three different blogging conferences over the past few months, so I’d be glad to share some perspectives with you.  I was fortunate to experience a range from the biggest to the newest in events for bloggers.  Here’s […]

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Hundreds Gather for Build Your Blog Conference in Utah Hosted by Six Sisters’ Stuff

*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic. They may already be starlets of the blogging world and pitching their own sizzle reel to cable networks, but the real-life Adamson sisters took time during their recent conference to chat and take pictures with the rest of us aspiring bloggers.  Creators of the Six Sisters’ […]

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Dog Days of Winter

The mangy, scruffy puppy that chose us at the animal rescue center just a few years ago has become the baby of our family.  Rogy is thriving, and she was delighted to explore in the snow this winter!  We’re enjoying the dog days of winter! If you’ve had your heart set on buying a purebred […]

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EPA Responds to Environmental Advocates, to Set Rules on Coal Ash Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking long-awaited steps to determine the safest way of dealing with coal ash waste from United States power plants.  More than 136 million tons of the stuff is produced each year in the US per government estimates.  The EPA has responded to a coalition of environmental watchdogs by agreeing to […]

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