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Walgreens, Time to Mind the Store for Children’s Health & to Reassure Customers

You’re thoughtfully stocking up on sunscreen as summer weather approaches, so you choose one off the shelf made for kids, even one that appears gentle enough for babies. You buy extra hand soap to donate for your child’s upcoming Vacation Bible School, trusting the antibacterial assurances on the package. You’re busy, so you pick up […]

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Inside Look at Mind the Store Campaign

Who’s minding the store?  When it comes to safety of consumer products in the United States marketplace, there’s been much public concern that really no one is.  Thus coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families created the Mind the Store Campaign to find solutions. We recently delved inside to learn more with Mind the Store Campaign Director […]

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Research Uncovers Clues to Fracking Health Concerns

A woman plans for a healthy pregnancy, watches what she eats and lives a generally healthy lifestyle. Could living near the site of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas increase the chances of health complications for her and her child?  Because developing babies are so vulnerable, scientists are trying to unlock answers about chemical exposures related […]

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Real Reform Needed on Chemicals in US Commerce

Current legislation that sounds like it might improve America’s outdated chemical safety rules or Toxic Substances Control Act, would in fact, according to critics, turn back the clock and make it harder for either the federal government or individual states to protect their citizens.  Debating the details in Washington recently were policy and health experts […]

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Cotton, Pesticides, Planet & People

Who else has drawer after drawer of t-shirts from ball teams, store promotions, chess clubs, Bible school and community groups?  Did you know that every t-shirt requires about half its weight in chemical inputs before becoming that popular gear?  That’s what Texas farmer Gary Oldham calculated before deciding to start growing cotton with organic methods […]

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EPA Responds to Environmental Advocates, to Set Rules on Coal Ash Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking long-awaited steps to determine the safest way of dealing with coal ash waste from United States power plants.  More than 136 million tons of the stuff is produced each year in the US per government estimates.  The EPA has responded to a coalition of environmental watchdogs by agreeing to […]

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Unacceptable Levels Screenings Soon in Texas, Louisiana, California,Tennessee

Does it seem acceptable to you that our babies are born prepolluted with traces of toxic chemicals and that Americans carry some of the globe’s highest levels of toxins in our blood? The independent film about a young family’s quest to understand how so many toxic chemicals got into our bodies might be coming to […]

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New Year Brings New, Less Toxic Choices in Household Furniture

Shopping for new furniture and following some big New Year’s deals?  You might consider waiting a while, or at least asking the right questions before you buy, according to experts in science and sustainability.  The United States has entered a new era of environmental safety in household furniture. At some point soon, you should be […]

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