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Baby, We’re Concerned about Toxins Harming Your Brain

Baby, you know your mama loves you.  She quit smoking just for you.  She’s following all of her doctor’s advice and ate well during her pregnancy.  It’s not her fault that you were born with toxic chemicals in your cord blood.  It’s the new normal for babies.  Yes, your mama loves you no matter what. […]

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Acclaimed Climate Advocacy Journalist to Visit East Tennessee

The globe’s most influential climate advocacy journalist of our day is scheduled to take his message to East Tennessee in August.  Scholarly, bestselling author Bill McKibben will speak to both University of Tennessee students and the wider community during his upcoming visit.  The co-founder of grassroots group and author of several books, including his […]

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Join Team ENERGY STAR’s New EPIC Adventure!

Anyone out there not know what an inhaler is?  Does someone in your family use one or do you know of a young child who must tote one around for after-school activities?  It’s become commonplace, hasn’t it?  No matter what the original cause of the breathing challenge, it seems something in the air on certain […]

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Sustainable Future Business Inspires Energy Conservation

Visiting Sustainable Future’s solar park and modest headquarters is an immersion in energy conservation for the 21st century. The showy display of large solar panels out front gives potential clients examples of all sorts of construction possibilities.  Of course, the main building displays a large array of photovoltaic panels, as well. A modern carport uses […]

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Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles

Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles Long-time customer Clark Walker brought a well-worn pair of loafers to the counter, where Barbara Woods closely eyed the soles.  “I’d put a solid rubber heel on that.  It’ll wear a lot better,” she advised. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” shared Walker. Before leaving his shoes, he’d […]

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Seedlings Making Progress

If seed starting were a race, my Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes would be sprinting out of the starting gate.  The cherry tomatoes are a close second, with the sweet peppers slowly getting onto the straightaway. Cherokee Purple Tomato Seedlings Sweet Pepper Seedlings I’m concerned that these Cherokee Purples are already too leggy, reaching too high […]

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More Hospitals Join "Healthier" Movement

At least three new hospitals or health systems have joined the Healthier Hospitals Initiative since the program’s launch last week.  Now Boulder Community Hospital, Norwalk Hospital and Gunderson Lutheran Health System have joined eleven others that are leading the way with innovations. President Gary Cohen of founding HHI organizer Health Care Without Harm says the […]

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Meet the Author of Almost Amish

Admit it.  You’ve probably done the same thing I have in the store checkout line.  You’ve picked up one of the flashy women’s magazines with the fabulous photos and headlines, thinking this will be the article with the answers to finally becoming more beautiful, successful, organized, and better at cooking from scratch.  Then we’re almost […]

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Little House Nashville Ideas for Your Home

Looking for little ways to make a big difference in your energy bills and environmental impact? Jane Hardy and her husband spent $200 per square foot to meticulously rebuild the historic guesthouse in their backyard.  They earned prestigious LEED certification for the cottage that now rents by the week to Nashville visitors. Hardy felt it […]

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