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Organic Cotton Market has Growth Potential in USA

They’re creating the greenest sort of Made-in-the-USA product that you may have never heard of yet. Did you know America’s organic cotton farmers are the world’s 5th largest supplier of that raw material? Centralized mainly in Texas, a few dozen farmers are growing an estimated 16,000 acres in organic cotton this year. “The demand for […]

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Cotton, Pesticides, Planet & People

Who else has drawer after drawer of t-shirts from ball teams, store promotions, chess clubs, Bible school and community groups?  Did you know that every t-shirt requires about half its weight in chemical inputs before becoming that popular gear?  That’s what Texas farmer Gary Oldham calculated before deciding to start growing cotton with organic methods […]

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Talking Non-Toxics & Organics for Home at March Clean Couponing Party

*The following is a sponsored post for #CleanCouponing sponsors Zoeganics & SOS From Texas.  My opinions are always my own. So you know about eating organic.  What other ways can an organic lifestyle benefit you or your family? Did you know a large portion of the globe’s pesticides are used, not on food, but on […]

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Organic Cotton Availability

Love the notion of buying organic cotton, but can’t afford it?  Our family has struggled with that, too.  I was thrilled to find some organic cotton robes on sale for my children a few years ago.  But we couldn’t begin to replace all of our towels and washcloths.  I’ve purchased the occasional new organic clothing item for the […]

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Flour Sack Fabrics

Display at Englewood Textile Museum One of the vignettes at the Textile Museum in Englewood, Tennessee includes this quote, “I washed five feed sacks and made me a bedspread.”  The museum offers gorgeous examples of homemade quilts, coverlets and clothing. Particularly during the Great Depression, resourceful folks could make whatever they needed from simple means stitched […]

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Textile Town Preserves Heritage after Lost Jobs

Volunteer Cristoba Carter with Books about Englewood History “I’m just a volunteer,” apologized Cristoba Carter, when I inquired about the tiny museum and adjacent antique store.  She and a friend were spending the day hosting visitors like me who might happen to pop into downtown Englewood, in rural Southeast Tennessee.  Turns out, everybody’s a volunteer, […]

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