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Slow Money Attracts Investors, Farmers & Entrepreneurs with Vision

Imagine investing in a small business with no expectation of a return on that investment to you personally.  Would you do it?  People from around the United States are jumping at the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves that will never make them rich.  They use the tongue-in-cheek lingo Beetcoin to describe […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Rodale Institute says Organic Agriculture Could Reverse Climate Change

World leaders, Fortune 500 executives and climate scientists are all discussing solutions to impending climate change chaos. They’re crunching numbers and exploring how new technology could help.  In our ongoing Green Goes Mainstream series, we hear from agriculture experts who’ve discovered that the solution to climate change could be right under our feet. Leading research […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Kentucky Coal Businessmen See Potential in Renewable Energy

Climate change concerns versus coal dust celebrations, clean air rules versus community freedoms, environmental ideals versus mining jobs? What if the way America’s been debating its energy future is based on false dichotomies?  What if the very industry blamed in part for climate destruction has the most power to build a renewable energy future?  In […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Solar PV for Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, complete with your own solar energy array?  It’s becoming more and more common.  In our Green Goes Mainstream series, we meet a Pennsylvania couple on the leading edge of an American clean energy movement. Bob and Donna Weikert’s home looks like any other quaint homeplace in rural Pennsylvania except for the photovoltaic […]

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Organic Valley Farm Family Takes Pride in Pampered Dairy Herd

*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic, in cooperation with Organic Valley. The evening sun was still a couple of hours away from setting when the cows lined up for their leisurely walk toward the milking parlor at Muddy Water Farms. The East Tennessee farm setting was mostly green pasture and overcast blue […]

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Green Your Christmas

*This page contains affiliate links. Just like your consumer choices the rest of the year, your seasonal choices can add up to a greener Christmas that’s better for you and the planet.  Yes, a real tree is the greener choice.  Analysts in Canada examined the life cycle of both real and artificial trees, and concluded […]

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Director Ed Brown on Unacceptable Levels

Ed Brown is the dad next door.  He and his wife just welcomed their third child into this world, and he couldn’t be prouder.  But starting a family didn’t happen without some heartache.  After being born with a cataract and growing up with asthma, after seeing his wife suffer from Crohn’s disease, and then more […]

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