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Potassium Sorbate & the Confusing World of Preservatives in Cosmetics

Is all-natural always the way to go with your beauty routine?  Maybe, maybe not.  If you’re not confused by the wide range of preservatives used in cosmetics these days, maybe you haven’t been reading the labels. Along with all of the main ingredients designed to do something wonderful for our skin is the addition of […]

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Sampling Soothing CV Skinlabs Lotion

If beauty is only skin deep, then the ideal skincare product has to do more than just make us look beautiful, doesn’t it? That’s the idea behind Britta Aragon’s new CV Skinlabs products.  She wanted to formulate them so carefully that they could soothe the most sensitive skin, even that of a cancer patient recovering […]

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Homemade Skincare Indulgence

When’s the last time you indulged in something sensual like a body scrub with only the best ingredients?  Maybe you used something simple, like sugar from the pantry?  Who says mixing things up in the kitchen is just for mealtime? It only takes four ingredients to create a beautiful, naturally scented, skin-pampering scrub. Of course, […]

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Direct Marketing Personal Care in Shades of Green

Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served while friends chatted around the kitchen island. Parenting topics and small talk filled the air until the women finally sat down for their consultations. They took turns chatting about nutrition with one sales consultant and sun-damaged skin with another.  Finally, everyone sampled skin cleansers, toners and moisturizers. This women’s […]

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Cleaner Personal Care Tips

Did you know that “unscented” doesn’t always mean “fragrance-free?”  That’s one of the many relevant tips I learned recently from the leaders at Women’s Voices for the Earth.  As Cassidy Randall says, “We should not have to worry whether products we use in our homes and on our bodies could be linked to cancer and […]

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Honey-Inspired Beauty Recipes

You might have the ingredients in your kitchen right now to whip up a luxurious, honey-infused spa treatment.  Olive oil, green tea and cornmeal are three of the common pantry items included in a collection of beauty recipes I’ve been trying.  Canned pumpkin and fresh pineapple are also on the ingredient list. Beekeeping educator Virginia Webb sent me […]

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The Essence of Soapmaking

My husband and kids can thank me for picking out my own Mother’s Day gift when I visited the Asheville Herb Festival this past weekend. I purchased a feel-good sampling of some of the most luscious skin care products I’ve ever found. I was immediately attracted to the smell of the sage spearmint soap and […]

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