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Capable Kids Make Lavender Sachets

Looking for an easy place to start for a kids’ sewing project? We had an impressive amount of participation by children from preschoolers to teenagers when we made free lavender sachets at the annual Lavender Festival in  East Tennessee. hosted a kids’ craft booth, along with The Ferrell Shop, which provided the dried lavender. […]

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Gourd Art for Kids

Our entire family enjoyed our recent visit with the gourd art enthusiasts in Effington County, Georgia.  The girls ran off some energy in the wide open spaces at Turkey Branch Gourds farm.  C.L. and Willene Arnsdorff sent them home with one professonally painted apple motif gourd birdhouse, plus two cleanly scrubbed gourds ready for painting. […]

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How We Saved at Disney

Can your family have a fun Disney vacation experience without jeopardizing the kids’ college funds?  Our family was relieved to find out the answer is “yes.”  We’re not one of those families with the means for an expensive vacation every year.  We had saved and waited until we felt both our girls would appreciate and remember the trip to […]

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Easter Sewing

Happiness is…finishing two girly cotton Easter dresses with a few hours to spare before sunrise…and remembering that motherhood is the best job in the whole world! Frugal:  Reused a pattern that we once used for much more formal silk dresses at Christmas.  The pared down version of this pattern makes a simple sleeveless bodice and […]

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Spring’s Buzzing Backyard Life

Rain is now drenching the vegetable plants we put out earlier this week when the sun was soaking our backyard.  What fantastic weather it was for appreciating the outdoors. We enjoyed spring’s buzzing backyard life. My oldest daughter took pride in planting her own small garden with vegetables she had started from seed at school.  My youngest laughed with […]

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Scrappy Sprouts: Gardener’s Mud Pie

Making mud pies was a favorite pastime when I was young.  Maybe you, too, remember patting the damp earth into your favorite toy dishes.  It was a fun experience to share with my girls last weekend when we started making a big mud pie.  I found information online about preparing one’s own potting soil, which included doing your […]

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Groundhogs & Earthworms

Weather note:  So many people are enduring treacherous, blizzard conditions this week, especially in the Midwest and North!  You may be too busy shoveling snow to care that today is Groundhog Day.  Phil says early spring, huh?  While you’re taking a break and staying warm, maybe you’ll allow me to share about the outdoors as a classroom.  Then […]

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