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Potassium Sorbate & the Confusing World of Preservatives in Cosmetics

Is all-natural always the way to go with your beauty routine?  Maybe, maybe not.  If you’re not confused by the wide range of preservatives used in cosmetics these days, maybe you haven’t been reading the labels. Along with all of the main ingredients designed to do something wonderful for our skin is the addition of […]

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Creating a Baby-Safe World Amid the Chaos

Rocks dug into my left knee, not once, but twice, during my tomboyish days growing up on the family farm.  The worst gash involved tiny bits of gravel that my mother picked from the bloodied pit in my leg. Neither gash impressed my parents enough to drive me to the doctor for stitches.  I was […]

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Chemical Spill Leaves Many West Virginians Without Clean Tap Water, Unclear When It Will Be Safe

Days after an industrial chemical spill was discovered in West Virginia, people in all or part of nine counties are still unable to use their tap water.  Governor Tomblin’s office Tweeted another reminder for residents. REMINDER: Do Not Use order still in effect for parts of Boone, Cabell, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam & […]

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New Guide Helps Consumers Sort Sunscreens

Ready to slather on the sunscreen to say safer under hot, summer sun?  For those trying to follow conventional wisdom, it takes an extra dollop of information from a consumer watchdog group to get the complete sun safety picture.  The Environmental Working Group has released its 2013 Guide to Sunscreens. EWG says only about a […]

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Leaders Dump Partisanship, but Dilute Efforts to Improve America’s Chemical Safety

Elder statesman Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and several others from both sides of the political aisle have joined together to promote safer consumer products with an update to the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act. The US Senators have joined New Jersey’s Senator Frank Lautenberg, the grandfather who has vowed to get the Safe Chemicals […]

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Arkansas Fracking Jobs and Human Costs

Northcentral Arkansas Jobs.  Good jobs.  Average salaries over $74,000. Sounds like a good thing for Arkansas, according to many looking for economic stability.  A consortium of oil and natural gas producers proudly announces on its website that the industry employs more than 20,000 workers throughout the state.  Southwestern Energy alone says it employs more than […]

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Bucket Brigade Helps Arkansas Residents Test Air Near Fracking Sites

Local Air Bucket Brigade Organizer Arkansas Mother April Lane The strange, not-quite-sweet smell was in the air as my guides took me on a tour of public roads winding  through rural Arkansas.  At every stop, every time I stepped out of the car along the right-of-way, there it was.  With roads marked with signs like […]

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Bloggers and Parents Nationwide Say "Mind the Store"

The checkout clerks at local discount stores are always fascinated when I show up with a cart full of white vinegar bottles, perhaps some boxes of baking soda, and not much else.  They often seem surprised when I answer their questioning looks by explaining that it takes very few products to do everyday cleaning at […]

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Bloggers asking Top Retailers to Mind the Store

Okay moms, can you relate?  Are you the one who totes around extra bandages and kid-sized snacks, just in case?  Are you always finding creative ways to get veggies on the plate at dinner? You’re there to teach, protect and defend your children through thick and thin aren’t you?  No matter what your distinct parenting […]

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