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Values that Inspire Action

Guest Post by: Lindsay Dahl of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families I was touched by Anne Brock’s article yesterday honoring the life of her mother. If I think about the lessons my mother taught me, the first one that comes to mind is that hard work can be tiresome, but is worth the effort. This sense […]

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Chemical-Free Weed Killing Project

Eco-conscious gardeners have been using newspapers for years to stunt the growth of weeds in lawns and gardens.  This inexpensive material offers yet another way to avoid toxic chemical sprays. Some use several layers of newspaper to most effectively stop weeds.  Here’s how we used newspapers on a small home project to clean up an […]

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Families for Safer Chemicals

Parents usually don’t hesitate to gear up their kids with training wheels and bicycle helmets.  It’s just what they do to keep kids safe. Making safe choices is not so easy when it comes to the chemical content of everyday consumer products.  That’s why parents in all 50 states are speaking up for common sense […]

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FDA Nudged toward Decision on BPA

The federal agency that says it’s responsible for protecting our nation’s food supply has been nudged into making a decision about Bisphenol A.  The Natural Resources Defense Council’s senior scientist reports that the advocacy group expects the US Food and Drug Administration to make a decision by the end of March, 2012.  Senior scientist Sarah […]

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More Store Receipts are Going BPA-Free

*See new April 2014 article about science finding not only BPA, but related BPS in cash register receipts.  A top scientist is saying that BPA-Free may not necessarily mean safe. When consumers are concerned, businesses sometimes respond. That seems to be the case with a voluntary phase-out of BPA-laden store receipts made from thermal paper […]

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Senate Hearing on Safe Chemicals Act

  The sweetest sound coming from today’s US Senate hearing in Washington was the gentle voice of a child quietly playing in the back of the room.  New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, co-sponsor of the Safe Chemicals Act being discussed, commented, “There was one statement that wasn’t really a statement, it was a child’s voice, […]

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