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Baby, We’re Concerned about Toxins Harming Your Brain

Baby, you know your mama loves you.  She quit smoking just for you.  She’s following all of her doctor’s advice and ate well during her pregnancy.  It’s not her fault that you were born with toxic chemicals in your cord blood.  It’s the new normal for babies.  Yes, your mama loves you no matter what. […]

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Actress Mariel Hemingway Headlines Health-Conscious Chicago Blogger Meet-Up

Photo used with permission.Courtesy:  Mariel Hemingway Oscar-nominated actress, author and healthy lifestyle advocate Mariel Hemingway is hosting a breezy blogger meet-up later this month in the Windy City.  Hemingway is one of several health-conscious women leading the conversation about healthier families and our children’s future. Hemingway’s latest book Running with Nature is a natural progression […]

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Can America Protect Consumers from BPA in Food Packaging?

Can America protect consumers from Bisphenol-A (BPA) in food packaging?  Chances are it’s in the can linings and lids of containers most commonly found in grocery stores.  It’s also in many polycarbonate plastics and some sports bottles.  California’s US Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced a bill that calls for labeling BPA in food packaging so […]

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Leaders Dump Partisanship, but Dilute Efforts to Improve America’s Chemical Safety

Elder statesman Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and several others from both sides of the political aisle have joined together to promote safer consumer products with an update to the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act. The US Senators have joined New Jersey’s Senator Frank Lautenberg, the grandfather who has vowed to get the Safe Chemicals […]

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Bloggers asking Top Retailers to Mind the Store

Okay moms, can you relate?  Are you the one who totes around extra bandages and kid-sized snacks, just in case?  Are you always finding creative ways to get veggies on the plate at dinner? You’re there to teach, protect and defend your children through thick and thin aren’t you?  No matter what your distinct parenting […]

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Your Family and the Safe Chemicals Act

When many of us were kids, somebody thought it was a good idea to put a flame retardant called chlorinated tris in our pajamas.  Then, environmental science sounded a health warning and the substance disappeared from new pajamas.  A few decades later, scientists discovered chlorinated tris, by now identified as a “known carcinogen” or cancer-causing […]

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NewsTalk 98.7’s The Housing Hour Talks Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

What are you doing around the house at 8 o’clock on Saturday mornings?  A locally sponsored, locally produced radio talk show for East Tennessee is bringing fresh, substantive content to start off your weekends.  The Housing Hour with Kevin Rhea is seeking an authentic approach to match its slogan, “It’s more than your home…it’s your […]

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Tennessee Volunteers Want Common Sense Limits on Toxic Chemicals, Ask Senators Alexander and Corker to Support Safe Chemicals Act

My husband and I are raising our kids as Tennessee Volunteers.  The Volunteer State is all about volunteerism, pride and patriotism — good qualities.  One thing we’re not volunteering for is allowing our children to be unwitting participants in experiments of toxic chemical exposures.  When household products, even those marketed for children and babies, are […]

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Safe Chemicals Act Vote Today

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Delivered Approx. 130,000 Petition Signatures to Congress in May During the National Stroller Brigade The second of two recent hearings in Washington shed some light on the chemical industry’s relationship with politicians and the American public on the eve of an important vote on the Safe Chemicals Act.  The proposed law […]

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