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Christopher Kassotis, PhD

Science Points to More Than Food Making Us Fat

You eat smartly, you exercise, you ask advice from your doctor.  Yet, you still seem to be fighting the battle of the bulge.  Sound familiar?  I don’t use the f word lightly; but I included it in the title of this post because apparently our battle against fat may be about more than simply calories […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Growing Demand for Organics

Have you picked an organic food option for you or your family at least once in a while?  Chances are, you have. You’re part of the growing consumer demand for organics, as a wellness-focused lifestyle you may or may not consider “green” is going more mainstream.  Leaders in the organic movement have been discussing this […]

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Team Up with Healthy Stuff On Carseat Research

Guest post by Juliana Roth with The Ecology Center: What if I told you there’s a website out there that makes picking the healthiest products for your home and children a little bit easier? With its unique toxicity rating systems,, an independent lab based in Ann Arbor, MI, does just that! Now you have […]

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Hidden Hazards in Your Backyard BBQ

How do you picture the perfect backyard summer barbecue?  Are the kids splashing and playing outdoors, maybe drinking from the water hose?  I envy the moms who know how to effortlessly coordinated the picnic table with the bright, trendy tablecloth and other decor!  Those retro commercials from Target with the picture-perfect family have inspired me […]

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Arkansas Community Watchdogs Concerned After Massive Oil Spill

Conservative estimates show around 5,000 barrels of crude oil spilled March 29 from Exxon’s ruptured pipeline running through the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas.  That’s about three barrels of oil for every person who lives in Faulkner County, just north of Little Rock.  Independent estimates are double that amount.  Residents spent a recent town hall […]

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Exploring Cool Facts and Fuzzy Science

I could hardly tear my oldest daughter away from the solar system exhibit when we last visited a popular science center.  Not only were the planets perfectly suspended and illuminated to awe visitors, but the interactive touch screens drew kids in to learn fun facts and cool concepts.   The shiny metal scale challenged our […]

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