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Research Uncovers Clues to Fracking Health Concerns

A woman plans for a healthy pregnancy, watches what she eats and lives a generally healthy lifestyle. Could living near the site of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas increase the chances of health complications for her and her child?  Because developing babies are so vulnerable, scientists are trying to unlock answers about chemical exposures related […]

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Elite Rowers Help Researchers Improve Heart Health Diagnostics

US Rowing Youth Nationals ChampionshipsJune 2013 Listen to the cheers from shore or watch the focused determination of the athletes, and it’s easy to see that youth rowing is a sport with heart.  Teens stay in top condition by cross-training and practicing long hours, with a select few earning a spot at US Rowing’s Youth […]

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Organic Corn and Sorghum get Boost from Cover Crops

This post is for all of you who’ve laughed when I inquired at farmers’ markets for organic corn.  It’s for all of you who told me “nobody” grows corn organically, at least not in East Tennessee.  Take a look at this cornfield. Rye Grass and Hairy Vetch as Cover Crops for Cornfield You say it […]

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University Researchers Growing Organic Wheat in Southeast

Crop Researcher David Butler, PhD in Organic Wheat Trial FieldsUniversity of Tennessee – Organic Crops Unit On an overcast April day, blades of wheat were already filling in enough of the field to crowd out the few weeds trying to grow there.  When I noticed a dandelion and some clover, I asked if someone would […]

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