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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Farmers vs Monsanto Food Fight

Family farmers and seed growers are disappointed in the United States Supreme Court’s decision to not hear landmark case Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v Monsanto.  The organic and non-GMO farmers feel their concerns about defending themselves from genetically modified organism crop contamination should be heard.  Their case also states concerns about the […]

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Container Gardening Class Take-Aways

Church-Sponsored Gardening Class with Master Gardener Lisa Lemza When Master Gardener Lisa Lemza teaches a gardening class, she mixes botanical terms with colloquialisms,  sharing  a wealth of information without intimidating her students.  No wonder her classes are so popular on Saturdays at Grace Episcopal Church in Chattanooga. Her first class of the season was about […]

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Fleeting Spring Trillium Sightings

No wonder these are a favorite for nature photographers!  Trillium, spring ephemerals that they are, pop up suddenly, bloom for just a short while, then seemingly disappear for the rest of the year.  So delicate that it’s advised not to pick their blooms, trillium are a real treat to observe in woodland settings.  We’ve enjoyed […]

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World-Class Lab Showcases Native Landscaping

A man strolls beside a water lily-covered pond during his lunchbreak.  Several other employees have ventured outdoors among native ferns and wildflowers. Three wild turkeys meander along a nearby patch of grass.  Native ferns, azalea, purple ironweed and other wildflowers paint different segments of the landscape. ORNL Natural Resources Manager Pat Parr near Equisetum Beds […]

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Ecologists Name Troublesome Invasive Plants

Exotic invasive pest plants:  chances are you host them in your yard and so do I. I asked ecologist Belinda Esham to name a few of the most troublesome plants considered a severe threat in Tennessee.  Her personal worst of the worst list included at least two plants in my yard: privet and Japanese honeysuckle. […]

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Invasive Exotic Plants in Our Yards

As newlyweds, my husband and I proudly purchased tiny containers of English ivy to plant in the flower beds around our modest condo. We eagerly awaited the plant to thrive in its second and third years of growth. We also loved the way periwinkle plants spread their pretty little purple flowers while creating such lush […]

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Little Garden Path

Little Garden Path The gardener’s intentions may have something to do with how things grow. Then there are flower seeds settling wherever they wish, beans dancing on the vine with little help from human hands, pumpkin blossoms climbing onto a comfortable bench to set fruit, and zucchini that grow luscious despite our laziness. Even the […]

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