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garden spider on web suspended above kale plants

Saturdays in the Garden: Tiny Insect Inhabitants & Organic Care for the Ecosystem

Venture inside the organic garden gate and you’ll find a bustling world of tiny inhabitants.  These insects create an ecologically diverse community, giving to and receiving from various plants what each needs for survival.  Sure, an imbalance of pests can threaten a crop. That’s why integrated pest management is the ideal aim of organic gardeners. […]

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ripe basket of strawberries in strawberry patch

Pick Fresh for Flavor & Deter Pests Naturally in Organic Strawberry Patch

“These taste delicious!” my daughter announced today when she tasted the first organic strawberry picked this morning at the peak of freshness.  While I finish this post, she and her sister will quibble over who gets the next “biggest” strawberry from the basket.  They’re learning to appreciate that ripe strawberry smell that only comes from […]

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Cotton, Pesticides, Planet & People

Who else has drawer after drawer of t-shirts from ball teams, store promotions, chess clubs, Bible school and community groups?  Did you know that every t-shirt requires about half its weight in chemical inputs before becoming that popular gear?  That’s what Texas farmer Gary Oldham calculated before deciding to start growing cotton with organic methods […]

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Talking Non-Toxics & Organics for Home at March Clean Couponing Party

*The following is a sponsored post for #CleanCouponing sponsors Zoeganics & SOS From Texas.  My opinions are always my own. So you know about eating organic.  What other ways can an organic lifestyle benefit you or your family? Did you know a large portion of the globe’s pesticides are used, not on food, but on […]

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Tennessee Families March Against Monsanto, for GMO Food Labeling

John and Callie Schindler were shopping in downtown Knoxville with baby boy Levi when they saw the long line of marchers in red t-shirts calling for GMO labeling.  They paused for a moment, noting that this food matter is something they’re concerned about every day. “We try to feed him GMO-free food,” they explained about […]

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Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg Talks GMOs with

He’s been an ag educator, a husband and parent, even a small dairy farmer.  Now the Chairman of the world’s most popular organic yogurt brand, Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg, encourages business innovation and consumer awareness through the Just Label It campaign and other forums. Hirshberg graciously took the time to answer questions from about genetically […]

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