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Carrot Cake Challenge

My husband knows to expect the unusual sometimes  in our family’s quest for real food. So, he wasn’t surprised when we celebrated his birthday with not one, but two competing cakes. He likes carrot cake.  I mixed up a common boxed variety, plus an old-fashioned made-from-scratch cake from a popular cookbook recipe.  Both had a homemade […]

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Recycled Paper Project

What if we made our own note cards from recycled paper?  How many dollars and trees could we save? My daughters helped me try it, and what a messy but fun project! First, they helped me tear up old newspapers, cardboard and other paper into small pieces. Then, we soaked it overnight in water until […]

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Making Homemade Granola

The girls seem to appreciate when we prepare more of our own snack foods at home.  Often it’s as simple as slicing up an apple.  Or I try to bake more wholesome cookies than we would necessarily buy at the store.  This time, we’ve been inspired to try making our own granola.  Even if it’s […]

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Up-Close with Eagles

23-year-old bald eagle,”America” Prospects are good for a dozen new bald eagle babies being helped by the American Eagle Foundation.  They’re expected to hatch later this spring at the group’s lakeside nesting location in East Tennessee.  The Foundation hosts a webcam to allow virtual access to nests in the captive breeding program. Perched eagles in […]

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Fuel for Fast Food Fasting

Soda, fries, dollar burgers on white buns…all things my family can live without.  Iced tea in a big foam cup and my toddler’s “tato” that I’ve bought her as an occasional mid-morning reward are a little harder to pass up.  We’ve managed to avoid all of these things in our first week of our “fast food fast” during Lent.  As […]

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Cooking Outside the Box

It’s the way many of us started cooking when we were still in college. It’s the way my husband would proudly prepare the occasional dinner for us when we were newlyweds.  It’s the time-saving, budget-conscious way we convinced ourselves we could eat at home.  It’s hard to break the habit of cooking processed food that […]

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Famed Architecture at Alex Haley Farm

Architecture set on the beautiful green meadow at Children’s Defense Fund – Alex Haley Farm: Langston Hughes library:  This cantilever barn found traditionally in Appalachia was thoughtfully redesigned for use as a library in 1999.  The design is by the award-winning creator of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, Maya Lin. Riggio-Lynch Interfaith Chapel:  Five years after the library opened, a […]

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Voices for Children and Justice

I slipped into the lodge at the world-renowned Children’s Defense Fund Haley Farm just as the guest authors were being introduced to read from their works.  They stood against an oversized stone hearth filled with a diverse collection of faith symbols.  Their audience sat reverently, intent on their words. The first was author and East Tennessee historian […]

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Of Course Breast is Best! In Support of Breastfeeding

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding represents the first such formal publication by US health leaders in more than a decade. The 87-page document includes several encouraging reasons to think that more babies in this country will receive the benefits of breastfeeding. Much of the information reflects what La Leche League International […]

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Barefoot is Not Backward at Home

You’re dressed to the nines for a dinner party, including the perfect pair of matching shoes. When you arrive at the home of your host, you are promptly directed to remove your stylish heels. What’s your reaction? Your toddler constantly crawls along the floor of your house, putting anything she finds directly into her mouth. […]

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