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A Walk by the Water

“Look Mommy, sparklies!” exclaims my toddler as we admire sunlight dancing on the lake during our walk. What a fabulous morning when, even in January, we can bundle up a bit and soak up the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. How exciting to find evidence that a beaver has been busy with construction work! Waterfowl seem to be enjoying the […]

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New Carver Children’s Book

It’s refreshing to see a new work of historical fiction that keeps history and science vibrant for young minds. Just weeks before visiting the Carver Monument, our family was happy to discover “In the Garden with Dr. Carver” at our local library.  This was a delightful new Carver children’s book. Author Susan Grigsby and illustrator […]

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The Plant Doctor’s Legacy

Room to explore acres of prairie and woodlands makes George Washington Carver National Monument an inviting place for families and children.  It’s the best place for learning about the plant doctor’s legacy. The renovated and expanded visitor center building is a bonus.  However, getting outdoors is exactly what inspired the young boy who grew up […]

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Rustic Poplar Benches

I love these rustic poplar benches! It seemed like a tragedy that a beautiful poplar had to be cut down in our front yard.  But, safety necessitated it.  Limbs had started falling from the dying tree.  My husband salvaged much of the remaining solid wood into a half-dozen benches. He used his chainsaw to carve […]

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Rustic Wooden Bridge

We’ve developed a renewed appreciation for the little foot bridge that my husband built a while back.  It spans a small drainage ditch along a short forest path on our property. During trick-or-treating festivities, he dressed as a troll and handed out prizes to the kids after they answered his riddles and math questions.  The […]

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