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Up-Close with Eagles

23-year-old bald eagle,”America” Prospects are good for a dozen new bald eagle babies being helped by the American Eagle Foundation.  They’re expected to hatch later this spring at the group’s lakeside nesting location in East Tennessee.  The Foundation hosts a webcam to allow virtual access to nests in the captive breeding program. Perched eagles in […]

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Organic Growing: Getting Started

Educational centers are leading the way with organic growing practices. Growing organically can seem overwhelming to those of us without a spread of certified acreage and the resources of a facility like the University of Tennessee.  When UT Vegetable Specialist Annettee Wszelaki gave me a tour of the UT Organic Research Farm near Knoxville, I asked […]

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Weeding Out Dandelions

Weeds or dinner salad?  Which do you consider dandelions?  Many cute stories have been written about children’s attraction to them.  So, I won’t bore you with how adorable my girls are when they spot them, seemingly everywhere these days, and exclaim something like, “look, pretty flowers!” Being a moderate on gardening practices makes tedious work […]

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Trees at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum

I’ve been spending this week sharing about a lovely visit to the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum.  Here are a few of our favorite trees that we spotted on our visit. 100-year-old Red Oak Tag said “cotinas coggyria” (Smoke Tree) Tag said “lagerstroemia indica Natchez” (Crape Myrtle) Century-old Cedars of Lebanon Hundreds of trees in […]

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Exploring Howell Landscape Nurseries Grounds

Several brides and grooms have taken their vows amid the blooming dogwoods, posing for wedding photos against the sculptural backdrops of aging stone structures at this formerly secret garden. Now that a nonprofit group has worked to restore the garden, the greenhouses and trails are open year-around to the public. Perhaps the most well-groomed area […]

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Secret Garden History

A sign on one edge of the property advertises a family business planted in 1786.  Unruly piles of native stone spill over sections of untamed ground.  Something that appears to be a small communications tower looks oddly out of place.  Old cottages and decades old greenhouse structures stand mysteriously atop a hill.  If you aren’t […]

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Outing to Big South Fork

Visiting a spectacular river gorge 320 million years in the making introduces science in an adventurous way.  Our family enjoyed a recent outing to the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. We perched on the overlook to view the turquoise water at sunset, after already walking along its shores.  Our short nature […]

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Rustic Container Gardening

If spring is inspiring you to try some variations on container gardening, you might want to see what they’ve been doing at The Greenhouse at Morgan Lane.  When I visited earlier this year, owner Georgia Denman showed me some rustic containers that will be reused this season for showing off gorgeous herbs and blooms. A metal wash […]

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