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Woodland Plants Revealed

President Robert Eidus of NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Do you shop at health food stores for what seem like the best nutritional supplements?  Robert Eidus says you might want to think twice about the source.  Eidus is unapologetically a purist about medicinal plants like ginseng, goldenseal and others that he grows on his unique forested mountain farm.  While […]

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Tree Canopy

Parenting Fantasy:  Finding enough time to rest underneath this tree canopy and read an entire book that doesn’t have pictures. Parenting Reality:  Catching five minutes to appreciate the beauty of the tree canopy and take this photo. Do you notice how calming it can be to surround yourself with green space?  I counted at least five different […]

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Backyard Projects

Time for a short update on backyard projcts. My husband noted that I haven’t shown you his progress on the hillside path.  It’s no longer mud, which is good news to me, since I’m still scrubbing orange clay off the girls’ play shoes.  I mistakenly thought he was going to pave the entire thing with […]

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Less Lawn, More Green

Oh, the satisfaction of having the perfectly manicured, weed-treated, uniform looking lawn!  That’s not our lawn.  If you live in a restricted subdivision, chances are that’s your only choice, even if you’d like to stray from convention. Funny how, despite his complaining about the time it takes, my husband enjoys his lawn mowing machines and […]

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Man versus Mother Nature

Don’t you just love the convenience of reaching for a can of something to solve your latest lawn and garden problem?  My husband does.  I suppose it’s a good thing that we’re trying organic gardening for personal reasons, and not applying for a genuine grower’s certification.  We keep having these little exceptions to the organic […]

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Fiddling Ferns

Fiddleheads curl, slowly unfurl, Bowing silent praises to the Creator. Humble forest fronds, fresh from the earth; Bracken playing its part in the larger arrangement. Some fabulous links about the science of ferns: Why Forests Need Ferns Harvard Research Info. University of Michigan Herbarium Great Smoky Mountains Assoc. offers a book A Master Gardener on […]

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Don’t Pick the Trillium Flowers!

More spring wildflowers are greeting us with their buds nearly in bloom.  One of our favorites is trillium.  Around the edges of our yard, we’ve seen mostly dark red flowers, with sometimes a white or yellow one. We appreciate the beauty of the trillium, especially since we haven’t always lived in this mountainous part of […]

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