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Five Don’t-Miss Memories to Record with Your Baby or Toddler

Don’t miss the yummy giveaway at the bottom of this post brought to you by Stonyfield Organic! “It goes by so fast,” goes the cliché that all the more experienced parents tell you.  You blink, and suddenly you go from sleepless nights with a newborn to chasing a toddler who’s ready to explore the world […]

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Celebrating the Comforts of Soup

Before you even reach the kitchen you know something good is on the stove, because you smell the aroma of homemade soup.  Especially in fall and winter, we savor the comforts as well as the nourishment served up in a bowl or a cup. What makes soup a seasonal favorite?  What goes inside, of course. […]

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Favorite Quote on Thoughtful Gardening

Gardening has a range of meaning for people.  We were impressed with this quote from a gardener who feels tasked to garden for a greater purpose. Find out how Lemza and her fellow gardeners are faithfully tending their community.  Full story here. For more photos that don’t always fit in our garden stories, follow Flour […]

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Spending the Winter with Stonyfield Organic

*This is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic, a family favorite at our house! The days get shorter, the nights get colder, but there’s always something good to look forward to as winter approaches.  Growing up on the farm, it was often a cup of hot cocoa by the wood-burning fireplace.  I especially loved everything […]

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