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Book Review: Pre-Teens Grow Taller Through The Order of the Trees

Thanks so much for using my affiliate link below if you decide to buy this book.  It allows you to support this blog, at no additional cost to you. Pre-teen angst, a damsel in distress, an almost Disneyesque potential conclusion — all these elements are woven together by Vermont teacher Katy Farber in her new […]

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Join Me for the Mama Summit in Nashville

If I traveled to a busy metropolitan area like New York, I would expect to breathe in more ozone pollution and be cautious about keeping an inhaler around for my youngest child.  But I’m surprised to see that even the beautiful Knoxville area gets a failing grade for high ozone days from the American Lung […]

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Favorite Quote on Thoughtful Gardening

Gardening has a range of meaning for people.  We were impressed with this quote from a gardener who feels tasked to garden for a greater purpose. Find out how Lemza and her fellow gardeners are faithfully tending their community.  Full story here. For more photos that don’t always fit in our garden stories, follow Flour […]

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Explore the Outdoors this Weekend

Has the warmer weather been calling you outdoors?  No matter the season, there’s plenty to explore in the national treasury of parks that span across the United States. The National Park Trust is challenging you to take your kids to a park this weekend and is running a special promotion to get the entire family […]

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Tennessee’s US Senators Alexander & Corker Introduce Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013

Bald River Falls Renowned outdoorsman US Senator Lamar Alexander has teamed up with US Senator Bob Corker to preserve more of Tennessee’s wilderness. The pair have introduced the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013. If the popular bill becomes law, nearly 20,000 acres of Cherokee National Forest will be designated as wilderness, adding an extra layer […]

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Family Summer Garden Pruning

Organic Family Garden in Need of Pruning Rain and organic fertilizer and more rain (and a smidgen of sunshine) create a wonderful combination that leads to the need for pruning in the garden.  An especially overcast, rainy week left our vegetable plants clambering for space while crowding out the chance of sunshine and air reaching […]

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Protecting Headwaters for Downstream Residents

Bald River FallsCherokee National Forest It’s a resource so precious that Georgia leaders have considered helping themselves to it by nudging the boundary between that state and Tennessee near the city of Chattanooga.  The water that flows along the Tennessee River is the primary drinking water source for Chattanooga’s 170,000 residents.  Before that water gets […]

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