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Museum Remembers Coal Mining Tradition in West Virginia

I’m proud of the tiny wrench stamped with “Ford” on it from my grandfather’s tool collection.  It’s a relic from his years of working at the Ford Garage and other garages before that, where he was known for his ability to tinker with automobiles and fix just about anything.  While the Model T went only […]

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Book Review: Pre-Teens Grow Taller Through The Order of the Trees

Thanks so much for using my affiliate link below if you decide to buy this book.  It allows you to support this blog, at no additional cost to you. Pre-teen angst, a damsel in distress, an almost Disneyesque potential conclusion — all these elements are woven together by Vermont teacher Katy Farber in her new […]

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Join Me for the Mama Summit in Nashville

If I traveled to a busy metropolitan area like New York, I would expect to breathe in more ozone pollution and be cautious about keeping an inhaler around for my youngest child.  But I’m surprised to see that even the beautiful Knoxville area gets a failing grade for high ozone days from the American Lung […]

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Rural Appalachian Health Clinic Gets Federal Finance Boost

An innovative health clinic in West Virginia’s coal country has received a major financial boost from the Affordable Care Act.  The Williamson Health and Wellness Center will be able to expand services with its more than $800,000 awarded in November.  We first told you about the clinic in 2011, when a collaborative of local medical […]

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Clean Water Worries for Rural Arkansas Residents

Residents of the The Natural State are wondering how clean their waterways will be if the oil and gas industry has its way with a disputed water discharge permit.  An administrative law judge is anticipated to rule soon on citizen concerns about allowing treated wastewater, possibly from natural gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking operations, to […]

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West Gets Wilder in Extreme Climate Times

No words can adequately express the sacrifice of the 19 heroes who stood up to that Arizona wildfire and lost their lives.  Loved ones and fellow firefighters honored the Prescott 19 by draping flags and gathering for a moving memorial service.  The fondly named Hotshots, skilled at this dangerous work, were trapped by flames when […]

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Book Review: The Perfect Protein by Oceana CEO

God bless the poor attendant behind the meat counter the next time I shop for seafood.  After reading the new book The Perfect Protein by Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless, I’ll be fishing for all sorts of information.  Is this fish farm raised or wild caught?  How many miles did it travel to the store?  How […]

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Saving Energy Gets Personal for Solar Entrepreneur

Sustainable Future Founder David Bolt at his Demonstration Solar Park Saving energy is obviously more than a slogan or selling point for Knoxville businessman David Bolt. Sure, his family saved money when the power company had to pay them for energy, because solar panels and conservation methods created their net zero energy home.  And more […]

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