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Green Goes Mainstream: Kentucky Coal Businessmen See Potential in Renewable Energy

Climate change concerns versus coal dust celebrations, clean air rules versus community freedoms, environmental ideals versus mining jobs? What if the way America’s been debating its energy future is based on false dichotomies?  What if the very industry blamed in part for climate destruction has the most power to build a renewable energy future?  In […]

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The Ugly Side of Climate-Changing Coal

We feel uncomfortable looking at pictures like this, don’t we?  We didn’t directly destroy this mountain and its ecosystem and pollute the water nearby.  We didn’t directly contribute to fossil-fueled climate change.  We just turned on a light switch. Revisit this story of mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia and hear the voices speaking up for […]

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Coalfields as Mission Fields for Young Christians

Pulse Oximeters and SpirometersUsed in Appalachian Health Surveys They assembled from evangelical Christian colleges around the country.  They paid their own room and board.  Their alternative spring break was no feel-good trip to paint a church or school then spend the rest of the time relaxing.  They prayed, studied the scriptures, and set out with […]

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Viewing Mountaintop Removal Mining Devastation in Appalachia

View of Mountaintop Removal Mining Site from Black Mountain Looking straight down into it, the scene reminded me of a childhood picture of hell based on something I’d heard in Sunday school class.  Something about a pit and desolation and being devoid of life. “As Christians, this is the opposite of stewardship. This is foolishness […]

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Young Lives Lost, At Risk in Mountaintop Removal Mining Communities

Powell Valley Memorial Gardens, Virginia When a boulder crushed 3-year-old Jeremy Davidson to death while he slept in his Appalachia, Virginia home, the community responded with outrage. Activists marched in the streets, loved ones demanded more responsible rules for modern mining, and everyone had the sense that things might get safer around this proud community […]

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Tennessee Christians Promote Creation Care of Mountains

Drive along many of Appalachia’s scenic byways, and you may not notice what’s just over the ridge. A Tennessee-based Christian group is calling for all of us to peer closer, before it’s too late.  “Only God Should Move Mountains,” declares the flyer full of questions and answers, pasted with photos of rust-colored water and bare […]

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