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Honey & Pollen for Our Kitchen

Breakfast time at our house includes a tiny bit of bee pollen along with a little yogurt or juice.  Sometimes it includes hot cereal like brown rice or steel cut oats sweetened with raw, organically produced honey.  We were excited to receive our first mailed box of honey and pollen late this summer.  We purchased it from a […]

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Honey-Inspired Beauty Recipes

You might have the ingredients in your kitchen right now to whip up a luxurious, honey-infused spa treatment.  Olive oil, green tea and cornmeal are three of the common pantry items included in a collection of beauty recipes I’ve been trying.  Canned pumpkin and fresh pineapple are also on the ingredient list. Beekeeping educator Virginia Webb sent me […]

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Honey from Hive to Kitchen

Knowing honeybees visit 2 million flowers before gathering enough nectar for one pound of honey makes me feel a bit guilty about eating the fruits of their labor.  But the sourwood honey that Carl and Virginia Webb sent home with my family was so exquisite, it’s been on the dinner table or kitchen counter nearly […]

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