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Cleaner Personal Care Tips

Did you know that “unscented” doesn’t always mean “fragrance-free?”  That’s one of the many relevant tips I learned recently from the leaders at Women’s Voices for the Earth.  As Cassidy Randall says, “We should not have to worry whether products we use in our homes and on our bodies could be linked to cancer and […]

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Simple Steps to Detox Your Home

Ready to cut down on possible toxic health risks in everyday life?  We already know the dangers of smoking, and individually we can’t do much to stop industrial air pollution.  But, we can take small steps everyday, in our own homes. One of the first tips on detoxing our homes, from Women’s Voices for the […]

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Why Women’s Health and Home?

Did you know that tens of thousands of chemicals that we use everyday, in our homes and on our bodies, haven’t even been tested for safety?  Scientists are concerned that some may be causing serious health problems.  That’s why a national group is educating and empowering women with tips on ridding our lives of toxic […]

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Clothesline Tips for Line Drying

Still have some concerns as you think of saving dollars and energy by drying your clothes the old-fashioned way? I’m not sure if that’s allowed in my community: Check out Project Laundry List, where you can find out about the right-to-dry movement.  Four states now allow line drying in any neighborhood, regardless of local restrictions.  […]

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Barefoot is Not Backward at Home

You’re dressed to the nines for a dinner party, including the perfect pair of matching shoes. When you arrive at the home of your host, you are promptly directed to remove your stylish heels. What’s your reaction? Your toddler constantly crawls along the floor of your house, putting anything she finds directly into her mouth. […]

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