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Manhattan Project National Historical Park Celebrated

World War II veterans, famed Calutron Girls and schoolchildren all shared a high school auditorium to celebrate the launch of the historic Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  The once Secret City is one of three national sites that collectively create the park, along with Los Alamos, New Mexico and Hanford, Washington. […]

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Visiting Historic Gettysburg with Kids

The following is a sponsored post in conjunction with Destination Gettysburg, in order to bring you more FREE family friendly content! Three remarkable days of battle in 1863 and one historic Presidential address have etched Gettysburg into the national consciousness.  Yet, you could spend days on end exploring the splendor and history lessons that are […]

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Salt Lake City Landmarks at Night

Salt Lake City is a community of contrasts.  It was founded by Brigham Young and still celebrates the history of the Mormon church. The downtown Temple is the largest for this denomination, with its own visitors center and nearby library and genealogy center.   Yet members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day […]

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Roosevelt-Era Statue Dedicated at Tennessee Park

Tennessee is honoring the sweat of the brow and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program that built much of its existing infrastructure. Officials recently dedicated a new, bronze, CCC Worker Statue at Pickett State Park, northeast of Nashville. The statue forged in Michigan is one of several now dotting the country to remember the […]

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Preserving One-Room Schoolhouse in Ozarks

Linda Smith-Johnson at Bunker Hill School My dad says he broke his left arm playing jumprope outside the one-room Bunker Hill School.  He told me this story the summer after my mother died from cancer, when he asked me to come along to an old-fashioned gospel singing on the lawn.  The outhouse was the only restroom facility on […]

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Storytelling in Summer

International Storytelling Center Maybe you’ve heard of the famous National Storytelling Festival in the Southern Appalachians each October.  Even in the warm summer months, the oldest town in Tennessee invites you to experience life through storytelling. Jonesborough boasts of being lawyer Andrew Jackson’s home long before he became President.  Historical markers, bed and breakfasts and […]

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Appalachian Heritage on Display at Heritage Day

Fall Student Heritage Day offered several opportunities to sample the culture at the Museum of Appalachia this October.  Two resident mules took turns doing the heavy work of squeezing juice out of sorghum cane.  Then, Mark Guenther and his crew from Muddy Pond Sorghum (Monterey, Tennessee) showed how the cooking process turns the juice into thick, sweet sorghum syrup.

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