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Favorite Quote on Heirloom Seeds

Are you and your children planting a garden this summer?  Even if you grow one vegetable together or try the simple activity of showing how a bean sprouts, you may be planting a seed deeper than you realize.  Here’s our favorite quote from the little boy who grew up to create one of the world’s […]

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Ozarks Family Nurtures Heirloom Seed Heritage

Debbie GettleMother of Baker Creek Seed founder Jere Gettle The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and yeast bread loaves filled the air at the Baker Creek Flour Mill when our family stopped by for a visit.  Debbie Gettle was behind the counter where she’s well-known for her baked goods.  “It’s an old, natural way […]

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Modern Seed Pioneer Champions Non-GMO Food

Baker Creek Headquarters in Mansfield, Missouri Walk into the wood-planked Seed Store at Baker Creek’s Mansfield, Missouri headquarters, and you’ll likely find a dozen different varieties of cabbage seeds for your vegetable garden, even more melon  than you could imagine, and the beginnings of a globally diverse flower garden.  What you won’t find are genetically […]

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Visiting Bakersville Pioneer Village

We crossed Baker Creek or its tributary three different times along the dirt road drive to the old Rippee homestead.  At first, Bakersville looked like any other busy farm that happened to preserve several wooden barns.  Up close, more details likened it to the popular Silver Dollar City attraction just a few miles away in […]

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Why Grow Open-Pollinated, Heirloom Vegetables?

Some gardeners and cooks of a different generation have shaken their heads at my enthusiasm over heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables. Not everyone thinks my Cherokee Purple tomatoes, with their color and texture variations, look quite right.  Many consumers expect tomatoes to look a uniform hue of red-orange like they typically see in the grocery […]

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Proud Heirloom Tomato Picking

I had promised Organic Cherry Sweetie tomatoes for dinner at my neighbor’s house, knowing they’d look pretty.To my surprise during picking, I also found my first, perfect Cherokee purple heirloom tomato, free of blossom rot.  I was so proud, I presented the tomato, intact, as a gift to my dinner hostess. I love how the […]

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Spring Organic Garden Planning

Frost dates, seed starting, compost turning, crop rotation, critter fencing…so many details on our to-do list for the little spring garden.  It’s hard to believe March is already roaring in like a lion and we’ll be planting in a matter of weeks!  Since I visited their headquarters earlier this year, Sow True Seed has supplied […]

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