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Inside Look at Mind the Store Campaign

Who’s minding the store?  When it comes to safety of consumer products in the United States marketplace, there’s been much public concern that really no one is.  Thus coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families created the Mind the Store Campaign to find solutions. We recently delved inside to learn more with Mind the Store Campaign Director […]

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Researcher Frederick vom Saal at University of Missouri

Top Researcher Shares Tips for Parents on Avoiding Hormone Disrupting BPA

By now you’ve likely heard the health concerns about man-made chemical bisphenol A that is a major part of US commerce and what goes into your shopping cart.  While the the hormone disruptor is still legally allowed anywhere except baby bottles and sippy cups, you can take steps to reduce your exposure.  Of special concern […]

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Pediatrician Explains Concerns about Children’s Toxic Chemical Exposures

Pediatricians are more commonly seeing children with chronic diseases in the United States today, and Dr. Yolanda Whyte is concerned that the parents don’t even realize what they’re up against.  Whyte practices pediatric medicine in Atlanta, where she thinks parents have an unfair burden of having to sort through products to determine if they’re even […]

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Moms & Medical Experts Joined by Jennifer Beals at Safer Chemicals Stroller Brigade

Hopeful moms, playful kids and strollers descended recently on cynical, dark-suited Washington, DC along with medical experts like environmental health researchers and leading doctors.  They aimed to bring the message from outside the beltway that parents and pediatricians are especially fed up with a lack of health-based chemical policies to protect our nation’s children.  The […]

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STRONG, not scared: Light The Night for Avery’s Family

A feisty furball of a Pomeranian named Calhoun is one of the few things that can make Avery Baker smile these days. Calhoun even trumps the brand new Glow With the Show Ears delivered as a special gift from Minnie Mouse.   The adorable five-year-old solemnly gave her personal approval for some of her young […]

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Diverse Voices Speak Up for Healthy Families and a Healthy World

A concerned husband who wants his children to grow up healthy.  A wife worried about her husband’s mysterious allergies.  A former BBC filmmaker finding a painfully personal connection between toxins and the loss of her unborn baby.  A movie star compelled to share her passion for healthy living.  A young woman whose struggle with infertility […]

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Cleaning Up the Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Who just loves mopping floors?  You don’t?  Me either.  But I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when the hardwoods are shiny and dust-free and my kids remember to take their shoes off at the door so they don’t track in extra debris.  It just feels right to get a task like that done. For […]

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Asking Leading Retailer Costco to Mind the Store

Blogger Anne Brock of with copy of Mind the Store letter to Costco I cut short my volunteer reading hour at my child’s elementary school and ran my errand quickly so I’d have time left over to help a short while at my other child’s preschool.  I still wasn’t caught up on laundry at […]

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World Health Report Exposes Dangers to Young Endocrine Systems

Little hands wind the music box again so growing feet can continue their dancing.  The sisters dressed as princesses take turns twirling, finally dancing in tandem until I insist that the music box go quiet.   It’s a parenting moment when I wish they’d stay this age forever.  I’m anxious about the prospect of early […]

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