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Gourd Art for Kids

Our entire family enjoyed our recent visit with the gourd art enthusiasts in Effington County, Georgia.  The girls ran off some energy in the wide open spaces at Turkey Branch Gourds farm.  C.L. and Willene Arnsdorff sent them home with one professonally painted apple motif gourd birdhouse, plus two cleanly scrubbed gourds ready for painting. […]

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Gourd Growing & Precautions

Scrubbed gourd on left, moldy dried gourd on right If you’re thinking of trying a natural approach to arts and crafts like gourd art, you should know that natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe or simple. You should educate yourself, consider taking a class, and use safety precautions.  Here are tips on gourd growing and precautions. […]

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Gourd History & Utility

Arts and crafts don’t get much more homegrown than gourds, picked from a local farmer’s field, or grown in your own backyard garden. When I had the opportunity to visit gourd artist and instructor Charlotte Durrence, she told me that archaeological evidence shows gourds have been around for at least 5,000 years. Durrence notes that […]

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Gourds Go from Garden to Art Canvas

Charlotte Durrence, Gourd Artist Charlotte Durrence’s backyard in Springfield, Georgia looks much like that of any other caring grandmother.  There’s ample green space to run and play, shady trees and manicured landscaping. She’s hung pretty birdhouses and listens to the gurgle of a decorative fountain. After visiting with her and touring around the place a bit, […]

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Mobile Farmers’ Market Feeds a Community

Roasted beet salad, fresh local spinach and scallions sound like menu details from an upscale restaurant.  They’re what’s new this spring at the cafeteria of Takoma Regional Hospital in Greeneville, Tennessee.  Chef Mary Goldman is excited to include some fresh, local produce for the first time this year.  A chef getting a say over wholesale food orders for her […]

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Cozy Garden Spots Bloom at Epcot

Themeparks that offer nonstop action can be fun for a while.  But I appreciate the total experience that includes relaxing ambiance and little tucked in places where I feel free to roam, even amid crowds of tourists.  My husband and kids were content to zoom through everything at Future World this spring (we paid our […]

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Young Farmers Grow Hope for Better Food

Christopher Fielden, Red Wing Farm When I confessed to vendor Christopher Fielden that I was struggling with tomato seedlings that I started indoors this spring, he knew exactly what my problem was.  Although the seedlings sprouted normally, they languished in the final couple of weeks before I could set them outdoors.  Fielden explained that my […]

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Woodland Plants Revealed

President Robert Eidus of NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Do you shop at health food stores for what seem like the best nutritional supplements?  Robert Eidus says you might want to think twice about the source.  Eidus is unapologetically a purist about medicinal plants like ginseng, goldenseal and others that he grows on his unique forested mountain farm.  While […]

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Sow True Seed Thriving in Third Year

Peter Waskiewicz Co-Founder,/Seed Curator The market booth hosted by Sow True Seed was bustling with so many visitors last Saturday morning that I was lucky to catch up with business owner Peter Waskiewicz.  He was patiently answering each customer’s question at the Asheville Herb Festival.  The booth offered small plants from the Sow True warehouse […]

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From Tobacco to Rhododendrons

Lisa Leatherwood’s face lights up when someone inquires about the jewel-colored rhododendrons she has for sale at the Western North Carolina Farmers Market.  The lush plants beautifully fill a booth under the exhibit shed during the 22nd annual Asheville Herb Festival. The Leatherwood family has been growing the hybrid rhododendrons for a little over three […]

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