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New Carver Children’s Book

It’s refreshing to see a new work of historical fiction that keeps history and science vibrant for young minds. Just weeks before visiting the Carver Monument, our family was happy to discover “In the Garden with Dr. Carver” at our local library.  This was a delightful new Carver children’s book. Author Susan Grigsby and illustrator […]

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The Plant Doctor’s Legacy

Room to explore acres of prairie and woodlands makes George Washington Carver National Monument an inviting place for families and children.  It’s the best place for learning about the plant doctor’s legacy. The renovated and expanded visitor center building is a bonus.  However, getting outdoors is exactly what inspired the young boy who grew up […]

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Meet Midwestern Family Farmers with Fresh Foodie Perspectives

On a late November day in rural Oklahoma, I arrived at the Downing Family Farm just as the husband and wife team of Wes and Kathy Downing were finished haying their cows. The afternoon sun was warming large pastures with nearly dormant Bermuda grass. While many of the black Angus were spread throughout the acreage, […]

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Organic Farming Offers Greener Christmas Trees

A crisp November morning just days before Thanksgiving offered the ideal time for a winding drive into the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. With clear skies and sunshine overhead, I passed by sections of national forest filled with hardwoods and tall evergreens that were skirted by mountain laurel. At around 3,200 feet in elevation […]

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Green Cleaning Party

I can still smell a hint of the essential oils from this weekend’s Green Cleaning party in my kitchen. My dining room table is sparkling from the natural furniture polish that Sue and Kathy made for me. I am challenging my husband to trade the nasty can of phony lemon-scented polish that he loves for […]

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Tag Sale Tips

Limit Purchases My 2-year-old recently chose a stuffed animal to purchase for 50 cents at a garage sale. The small brown dog with the realistic-looking nose has become a favorite of hers. It seemed like new when we bought it, but I gave it a bath and a fluff anyway when we brought it home. […]

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Barefoot is Not Backward at Home

You’re dressed to the nines for a dinner party, including the perfect pair of matching shoes. When you arrive at the home of your host, you are promptly directed to remove your stylish heels. What’s your reaction? Your toddler constantly crawls along the floor of your house, putting anything she finds directly into her mouth. […]

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How My Grandparents Survived the Great Depression, And How You Can Survive Hard Times Too

My maternal grandparents were married and started their family during the middle of the Great Depression. Having come from a large family herself, Grandma never was afforded the opportunity to complete much public schooling. Grandpa, an only child, completed the eighth grade. He was needed as a teenager to help out on his family’s farm, […]

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