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ShiftCon Inspires Green Living for the Mainstream

FREE newsletter sign-up! Ever feel all alone in your quest to feed your family well on a budget?  Still feel like the only green family on your block?  If you blog, do you wonder if your audience really gets the educational messages you want them to hear?  Those are some of the challenges bloggers addressed […]

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How are you #CleanCouponing in 2015?

How do you stretch a dollar AND provide the most wholesome value for your family’s dinners and more?  Like many people across the country, maybe you’re attuned to #CleanCouponing, being frugal with MORE than money! When you shop, do you bypass the cheapest item for the one that is made with more care so you […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: 10 Tips for Greener Home & School Habits

Would you believe that each of us generates around four and a third pounds of garbage from normal living in the United States each day?  Of that, we might recycle or compost a small portion, keeping less than half of that garbage out of expensive landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency says in 2012 alone, we […]

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Green Goes Mainstream Series on Flour Sack Mama Blog

Anyone else stop to wonder what our great grandparents thought about their efforts at gardening, preserving food, making or repairing their own household items and even sharing with neighbors? Chances are, most of them never used the term “green,” because what we now consider greener living was simply their way of life. Tomorrow on the […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Community Gardening & Wellness

Could gardening be central to community revitalization?  We explore that idea in our Green Goes Mainstream series. A People’s Garden stands outside USDA headquarters in Washington, DC, modeling how fresh lettuce and tomatoes can nourish a community’s spirit.  Food from gardens like these goes to feed the hungry in all 50 states.  This garden project […]

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Hospital Farms for Better Health with Rodale Institute

Sign up here to get my free newsletter! Hospital Farms for Better Health with Rodale Institute Greek physician Hippocrates is famously attributed with telling us, “…let food be thy medicine.”  Yet Western medicine has been slow to embrace the simplicity of this wisdom.  Finally, US physicians can write “prescriptions” for discharged patients that include healthy […]

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You’re Invited to a Green Goes Mainstream #CleanCouponing Twitter Chat July 23

Remember when “health food” was something only a few people were interested in? Remember when most of us didn’t bother reading product labels?  Or when “green” seemed like a merely a niche lifestyle? Join us for a special Green Goes Mainstream Twitter chat next Wednesday, July 23rd at 9 pm Eastern time.  With hosts @FlourSackMama […]

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