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Cleaning House with NEW Non-Toxic Zoeganics!

*The following is a sponsored post for Zoeganics, but my opinions are always my own! Raise your hand if you love cleaning house!  You do, really?  Ok, so maybe you and that one  mom character in a movie I just watched loves to clean house day and night.  The rest of us know the importance […]

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Spoof Site Calls for More Consumer Product Transparency

Who pulls the Material Safety Data Sheet on every product for your home, before you go shopping? Chances are, you’ll learn a bit more than you would by relying on the product label to reveal everything you’re about to expose your family to.  How about some “inhalation may cause central nervous system effects?”  That’s on […]

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Women’s Voices Resounding Through Science

“We shouldn’t have to risk our lives to paint our toenails.” Cassidy Randall has a familiar way of talking that makes you feel as if you’ve always been friends. Her tone bespeaks more than her masters degree in environmental studies at the University of Montana. She holds the post of Program and Outreach Coordinator at […]

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Green Cleaning Progress

It’s been a month since our Green Cleaning Party when some friends joined me in trying out the recipes from Women’s Voices for the Earth. It was fun getting together and seeing everyone’s reactions to mixing up simpler versions of commercially produced household cleaners. The WVE nonprofit organization does an excellent job of explaining why making […]

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Green Cleaning Party

I can still smell a hint of the essential oils from this weekend’s Green Cleaning party in my kitchen. My dining room table is sparkling from the natural furniture polish that Sue and Kathy made for me. I am challenging my husband to trade the nasty can of phony lemon-scented polish that he loves for […]

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Barefoot is Not Backward at Home

You’re dressed to the nines for a dinner party, including the perfect pair of matching shoes. When you arrive at the home of your host, you are promptly directed to remove your stylish heels. What’s your reaction? Your toddler constantly crawls along the floor of your house, putting anything she finds directly into her mouth. […]

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