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Bat Conservationist Keynotes Discover Life in America Conference in Smokies

Start with some of the globe’s most ancient mountains, give them special protections, and you’ll discover tens of thousands of life forms, some not easily found anywhere else these days. That’s why East Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains are designated an International Biosphere Reserve. Scientists are still discovering and documenting different species of plants and animals […]

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Frozen Winter Fun at Ober Gatlinburg near Great Smoky Mountains

The temps are low enough, the snow machines have been blowing, and skiers have run the slopes at Ober Gatlinburg even before December.  The South’s popular ski resort and amusement park opened its ski slopes on the Friday after Thanksgiving, announcing that it’s been 20 years since skiing began so early in Gatlinburg.  Snow tubing […]

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Discover Life in Smokies

Great Smoky Mtns. Natl. Park Audubon did it for birds, everyone adores flowers, and millions of visitors appreciate the chance to see a black bear in its natural setting.  But some unsung heroes of biodiversity at Great Smoky Mountains National Park are finally getting their due.  Because science has long touted the interdependence of every […]

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Woodland Plants Revealed

President Robert Eidus of NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Do you shop at health food stores for what seem like the best nutritional supplements?  Robert Eidus says you might want to think twice about the source.  Eidus is unapologetically a purist about medicinal plants like ginseng, goldenseal and others that he grows on his unique forested mountain farm.  While […]

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Science of Growing Wild at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The latest winter snow has thawed to reveal golden wisps of dormant grass blowing gently in the meadow called Cades Cove.  While horses still graze on other fields nearby, much of the grasslands lay unused except by the wildest of creatures.  Small mammals like rabbits and fowl such as quail can more likely find a place to hide […]

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Smokies in Winter

It’s a treat to visit the nation’s most visited national park on a day when no one else seems to be visiting!  We managed to find a rare day to admire both flowing streams and frozen icicles, to feel crisp air and meander along clear mountain roads.   The Smokies are beautiful in winter. The icy wheel […]

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