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101-Year-Old Quilt Designer

Her hands move nimbly with needle and thread, even though she admits the stitches aren’t as perfect as they used to be.  The colorful cotton fabric starts in three-inch-wide pieces of squares and triangles, ending up together in one of many intricate patterns. Lena Vaughan’s been doing this longer than most of us have been […]

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May Roses & Briers

Ever wonder why roses must come with briers? “It was in the merry month of May, when the flowers were a blooming.”  I came across three yellowed pages of notebook paper, all written in my grandmother’s hand when she was just a girl.  I don’t know if this was an exercise for school, or just […]

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Antique Irons

Occasionally, when we were dusting the large expanse of wooden shelves in my childhood home, my mom would take down these antique irons and show them to me.  She recalled that one of her grandmothers had used the heavy old metal “sad” iron with its wooden handle.  It would have to be heated in the […]

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Easter Table Linen from Poland

Celebrating the Christian tradition of Easter includes a meaningful new decoration at our house this week.  Our friend, Lena, who has ancestors from Ukraine and Poland, gifted our family with a mint-condition, vintage, European textile. The linen table runner features a lovely woven basket full of Easter eggs, tulip and daffodils representing new life in Christ.  The […]

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