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A Scientist Grandmother’s Legacy for Our Grandchildren

She’s the most influential woman you may never have heard of.  She raised four children, became a grandmother and earned her doctorate in zoology around the time some people might think of retiring. Nearly to the day of her passing this mid-December at 87 years old, Dr. Theodora Emily Decker Colborn  was working on solutions […]

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Carrying on the Best of Grandma’s Traditions; Improving on What We Know Better

Welcome to the Flour Sack Mama community!  We’re focused on carrying on the best of Grandma’s traditions while improving on what we know better. Maybe you’ve spent the weekend celebrating the women in your life:  mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters.  You probably thanked them for what they’ve taught you, how they inspired you in some way. […]

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Carrying On The Best of Grandma’s Traditions; Improving On What We Know Better

Monday morning has you reaching for the caffeine again, doesn’t it, so you can manage the pace of your week?  After another weekend when you couldn’t find time to unplug?  A longing for simpler times is one of the reasons I created the Flour Sack Mama blog.  My grandmother used old feed sacks or flour […]

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How My Grandparents Survived the Great Depression, And How You Can Survive Hard Times Too

My maternal grandparents were married and started their family during the middle of the Great Depression. Having come from a large family herself, Grandma never was afforded the opportunity to complete much public schooling. Grandpa, an only child, completed the eighth grade. He was needed as a teenager to help out on his family’s farm, […]

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