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Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg Talks GMOs with

He’s been an ag educator, a husband and parent, even a small dairy farmer.  Now the Chairman of the world’s most popular organic yogurt brand, Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg, encourages business innovation and consumer awareness through the Just Label It campaign and other forums. Hirshberg graciously took the time to answer questions from about genetically […]

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Waking Up with Stonyfield for Breakfast in Chicago

*Fun Stonyfield YoGetter group event! Locally sourced Illinois fruits, grains and meats were on the menu, along with the most popular organic yogurt in the world by Stonyfield.  A blogger breakfast at Nana restaurant in Chicago made it extra special to Wake Up with Stonyfield!  While several Stonyfield #YoGetter ambassadors and other bloggers enjoyed this […]

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Non-GMO Farmers, Consumers Still Seeking Protections from Transgenic Crop Systems

Genetically modified crops designed to survive extra pesticides have been conventional agriculture’s way of “feeding the world” for the past few decades.  Yet health concerns, crop vulnerability and unwanted cross-contamination have been lingering questions, especially in the environmental health and organic agriculture communities. Pesticide Action Network states on its website, “…pesticide producers have marketed their […]

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Interview with Baker Creek Seed Founder Jere Gettle

His employees were busy filling early Spring 2013 seed orders, and he was overseeing a major garden renovation at his company’s Ozarks headquarters.  But Baker Creek Seed founder Jere Gettle still graciously set a few minutes aside to speak with about gardening, seeds and the pure food movement.  Here’s what he had to say:

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Modern Seed Pioneer Champions Non-GMO Food

Baker Creek Headquarters in Mansfield, Missouri Walk into the wood-planked Seed Store at Baker Creek’s Mansfield, Missouri headquarters, and you’ll likely find a dozen different varieties of cabbage seeds for your vegetable garden, even more melon  than you could imagine, and the beginnings of a globally diverse flower garden.  What you won’t find are genetically […]

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Prop 37 Voters Narrow Gap in Final California Vote Totals

California’s Secretary of State has reported its certified vote totals for Proposition 37, the measure to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.  The state’s final report shows the measure lost by less than 3%…narrowed from the apparent 6% gap reported on election night.  The certified vote shows 6,088,714 votes yes to 6,442,371 votes no. Some […]

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GMO Free USA Empowers Consumers

Who decides what you feed your family?  What choices do you have?  Do you have the right to know what’s in the food you buy?  A growing movement is empowering consumers just like you to not only choose what you eat, but to boycott brands that don’t seem to have your best interest at heart. […]

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Prop 37 GMO-Labeling Supporters Raising Questions about California Vote Counting

Supporters of the popular GMO labeling measure that appeared to have narrowly lost in California’s election are raising serious questions about whether every vote was accurately counted.  The measure would have required many grocery store foods to disclose whether they contain genetically engineered or transgenic ingredients, such as corn designed in a laboratory to grow […]

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Farmers Appeal in Latest Round Against Agrigiant

United States family farmers and small seed companies are taking the next historic step in their fight to protect traditional agriculture. The large group is appealing to have their case against global agriculture giant Monsanto heard in federal court.  The filing today in appellate court in Washington, DC is asking for reversal of the lower […]

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