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Visiting United States Botanic Garden

  When you plan a family trip to the nation’s capital city, there’s so much to discover that you won’t want to miss the inviting green spot near the southwest corner of the capitol building. The United States Botanic Garden is still showcasing the globe’s plant life, nearly 200 years after Congress first established it as […]

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Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health – and How We Can Save Ourselves (Book Review)

Lazy summer evenings in the backyard require more vigilance against mosquitoes.  A bite threatens to be more than itchy, with previously third-world maladies like West Nile virus and dengue hemorrhagic fever becoming real threats in the United States. More children carry inhalers as the air becomes polluted with higher levels of irritating natural allergens as […]

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Preserving Wild Side of Belize Involves Educating Christian College Students

What do scientists in Belize have in common with Christian college students in Appalachia?  They’re all interested in stewardship of the earth’s natural resources.  Recently a classroom of biology majors at Carson-Newman University in East Tennessee welcomed a representative from Belize to their Environmental Assessment class.  They wanted to learn modern scenarios where development and […]

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