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Climate Change Brings Earlier Blooms, Longer Growing Seasons

Oh the sweetness of spring, the hopefulness of Easter and the delightfulness of longer, sunnier days!  I remember as a little girl being excited about the daffodils that grew on the hill outside our back door. Although they weren’t exactly Easter lilies, I recall a strong association between these flowers that my mother called jonquils […]

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November Harvest in the Little Organic Family Garden

How is your garden growing in November? Our little organic family garden is still producing for us, all on its own. While newly planted kale and spinach seeds are germinating and beginning to grow, we’re still harvesting a few other yummy greens. The kale is thriving in this cooler weather, with the leaves growing larger […]

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Visiting United States Botanic Garden

  When you plan a family trip to the nation’s capital city, there’s so much to discover that you won’t want to miss the inviting green spot near the southwest corner of the capitol building. The United States Botanic Garden is still showcasing the globe’s plant life, nearly 200 years after Congress first established it as […]

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Canning Tomatoes Like Grandma

Putting up tomatoes reminds me of my grandmother’s seasonal chores that put food on the shelves year after year.  As long as she was able, she preserved a good portion of what grew in the garden and made it last. My Largest Pick So Far The late summer has been a plentiful time for our […]

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Why Grow Open-Pollinated, Heirloom Vegetables?

Some gardeners and cooks of a different generation have shaken their heads at my enthusiasm over heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables. Not everyone thinks my Cherokee Purple tomatoes, with their color and texture variations, look quite right.  Many consumers expect tomatoes to look a uniform hue of red-orange like they typically see in the grocery […]

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Master Gardener Shares Top Picks for Landscape Edibles

Buncombe County Master Gardener Sheila Dunn started her talk to a packed room of interested gardeners by explaining that no growing system is perfect or completely effortless.  After her talk, the locals lined up, interested in whether she had enough free starts of her strawberry plants to give away.  With years of experience behind her, […]

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Nashville Foxes Open Their Henhouse

Buffy, the Frizzled Cochin Buffy, Nancy, Colin, Wally and Kiss are all roommates living a short distance from the halls of Vanderbilt.  These petite beauties are pampered and adored, sharing their house in the backyard of the Carrington Fox family home.  The bantams compete for attention with a pet rabbit and a salamander.  The Fox […]

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