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Five Great Reasons to Garden this Year

Have you been watching patiently for the last frost in your growing region?  Ordered seeds already?  Dreaming of greener days outdoors?  In case you need any more motivation, here are five great reasons to garden this year! Family Project Whether your aim is to teach the kids more responsibility or simply have a constructive way […]

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mildewed squash leaf and tomatoes

The Day I Stopped Composting

Welcome! Saturdays in the Garden: The Day I Stopped Composting All of you green gardening friends out there know how important composting is.  You’ve probably heard me wax nostalgic about proudly saving my family’s vegetable peelings year around so I can build a backyard compost pile to use later in the garden.  I often mention […]

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preparing tomato seeds for fermenting and saving

Saturdays in the Garden: Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Are you saving your own garden seeds for next year?  It’s fun to try, even if you plan on purchasing seeds from an heirloom seed company, as well.  We’ve been pleased with the flavor of the Brandywine and Yellow bell varieties we’ve grown this summer, so we wanted to save some seeds. The process of […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Community Gardening & Wellness

Could gardening be central to community revitalization?  We explore that idea in our Green Goes Mainstream series. A People’s Garden stands outside USDA headquarters in Washington, DC, modeling how fresh lettuce and tomatoes can nourish a community’s spirit.  Food from gardens like these goes to feed the hungry in all 50 states.  This garden project […]

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Favorite Quote on Heirloom Seeds

Are you and your children planting a garden this summer?  Even if you grow one vegetable together or try the simple activity of showing how a bean sprouts, you may be planting a seed deeper than you realize.  Here’s our favorite quote from the little boy who grew up to create one of the world’s […]

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Favorite Quote on Thoughtful Gardening

Gardening has a range of meaning for people.  We were impressed with this quote from a gardener who feels tasked to garden for a greater purpose. Find out how Lemza and her fellow gardeners are faithfully tending their community.  Full story here. For more photos that don’t always fit in our garden stories, follow Flour […]

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garden spider on web suspended above kale plants

Saturdays in the Garden: Tiny Insect Inhabitants & Organic Care for the Ecosystem

Venture inside the organic garden gate and you’ll find a bustling world of tiny inhabitants.  These insects create an ecologically diverse community, giving to and receiving from various plants what each needs for survival.  Sure, an imbalance of pests can threaten a crop. That’s why integrated pest management is the ideal aim of organic gardeners. […]

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seedlings in cups - tomato and pepper plants

Saturdays in the Garden with Seedlings, Spinach, Strawberries & More

May can be a rewarding time to see your efforts turn into something very green in the garden!  We’ve been excitedly watching our seedlings grow by leaps and bounds.  A light feeding of fish emulsion in water was overdue and really helped our tomato and pepper seedlings.  We also directly sowed summer squash seeds into […]

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