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Planning Crop Rotation

Routines help our lives run smoothly in so many ways.  My husband excels at remembering exactly when to do certain maintenance on the car and the house.  Immediately after a heavy rainstorm, he’s up on the ladder, cleaning out the gutters so they won’t become clogged with leaves.  He’s also faithful about the lawn mowing […]

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Transplanting Trees

Time and patience can do much to beautify our yards.  When some volunteer seedlings popped up in the wrong places, my husband took a few minutes to baby one in a pot, and just leave the other one alone for a while. In this early spring when our ground is thawed, he has transplanted a promising magnolia and a thin maple […]

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Vintage Rodale Organic Gardening Book

Half-a-century ago, the garden publishing legend J.I. Rodale and his staff put together a hardcover Encyclopedia that incorporated much of the information they’d already been distributing via magazine.  When I recently purchased Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and saw the notation about 50 years in print, I had to see for myself. Thanks to the diligence of my local reference […]

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Organic Greenhouse Owner Shares Growing Tips

With eating a balanced diet of organically grown foods being the nutritional ideal, how about growing our own food organically?  Sounds like a pragmatic, frugal approach for many of us.  Yet, I admit being timid about getting started.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to garden as naturally as possible.  However, there have a been […]

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Organic Herb Greenhouse

I can only imagine what splendid dishes the Denman family cooks up.  When I planned a visit to their greenhouse, I knew that matriarch Georgia Denman and her daughter, Caitrin Bayard, were experts at organic gardening.  What I couldn’t comprehend until my visit was their depth of knowledge and passion for culinary plants. I was […]

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Organic Terrace Gardening

Trying organic terrace gardening… A favorite feature of our backyard is the pretty terrace garden that my husband built for me a couple of years ago.  Wary of treated wood materials, we researched various rock or concrete products.  We decided on natural stone once my husband decided that he’d spend just as much time and nearly […]

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Rodale Institute Studies Organic Farming

Rural Eastern Pennsylvania’s rolling green fields include a 333-acre farm that’s leading the way for organic crop research.  The nonprofit Rodale Institute has finished a year of farm trials, including a study on arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus, which can help plants thrive when it lives in healthy relationship with their roots.  The Institute boasts of running the longest ever study […]

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Reading Rodale’s Organic Gardening Book

I was picking up a last-minute Christmas gift from the bookstore when I spotted a goodly green volume that became my own holiday treat.  It’s Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.  This 2009 edition promises to be a thoroughly updated version of the one first edited by J.I. Rodale in 1959.  I’m interested because of my family’s ongoing efforts […]

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