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Secret Garden History

A sign on one edge of the property advertises a family business planted in 1786.  Unruly piles of native stone spill over sections of untamed ground.  Something that appears to be a small communications tower looks oddly out of place.  Old cottages and decades old greenhouse structures stand mysteriously atop a hill.  If you aren’t […]

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Growing Seeds & Killing Thyme

Oregano Survived the WinterI We’ve scratched the warming outdoor soil to plant our spinach this past week.  Then got a gentle rain to help it along.  I’ve been admiring the little terrace garden, while waiting to have starter plants big enough to bring outdoors. I found the courage to mix up the fish emulsion and fed […]

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Rustic Container Gardening

If spring is inspiring you to try some variations on container gardening, you might want to see what they’ve been doing at The Greenhouse at Morgan Lane.  When I visited earlier this year, owner Georgia Denman showed me some rustic containers that will be reused this season for showing off gorgeous herbs and blooms. A metal wash […]

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Early Spring Plantings & Blooms

oakleaf lettuce Spring is already bursting with life at our house, two weeks before the official start of the season. We’re being blessed with an early start to a plentiful crop of vegetables. The lettuce and broccoli seeds are happily germinating in abundance, less than a week after being planted in little indoor containers. bell […]

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Scrappy Sprouts: Gardener’s Mud Pie

Making mud pies was a favorite pastime when I was young.  Maybe you, too, remember patting the damp earth into your favorite toy dishes.  It was a fun experience to share with my girls last weekend when we started making a big mud pie.  I found information online about preparing one’s own potting soil, which included doing your […]

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Why We’re All Frugal Now

My grandparents and many others in their day survived the Great Depression with faith, fortitude and self-reliance. They worked hard because it was the right thing to do. They raised their own farm animals, grew a large garden and baked their own bread. They mended and reinforced things instead of throwing them away. Frugality was […]

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Going Batty for Environmentalism

Photo of healthy big brown bat, courtesy Dawn Vezina at the Organization for Bat Conservation If you love the taste of fresh vegetables, hate mosquito bites and appreciate a balanced environment, then you might want to go batty.  My husband thinks I’ve gone batty, because I’ve been asking him for nearly two years now to […]

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Mail-Order Seeds for the Garden

I love the old-fashioned notion of mail-ordered seeds, because I can’t find enough selection where I live.  My catalog was, of course, the Internet.  Being more intentional about what we plant this year, I’ve chosen mostly heirloom and/or organic varieties.  I can’t wait for the girls to help me get them started inside.  I fear that I’m […]

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