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Saturdays in the Garden with Seedlings, Spinach, Strawberries & More

May can be a rewarding time to see your efforts turn into something very green in the garden!  We’ve been excitedly watching our seedlings grow by leaps and bounds.  A light feeding of fish emulsion in water was overdue and really helped our tomato and pepper seedlings.  We also directly sowed summer squash seeds into […]

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Food: KISS

Our homes and lives have become so busy and sophisticated…we can’t even understand what we’re eating anymore.  Really, have you tried reading the labels?  Maybe we just need to go back to the KISS method:  keep it simple, stupid.  No, we’re not stupid; we’re just uninformed.  How can we keep food simple enough as to […]

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Summer, Don’t Go…

Many of you considered Labor Day the official goodbye to summer.  Others are watching the calender for the official beginning of Fall on September 22.  That makes this month a gift full of mild weather, moderately long, sunny days and anticipation of seasons to come. My youngest just asked, “How many years is it ’til […]

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