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Do We Really Need ____ for Home?

“Do we really need ______?”  Ever ask yourself that, about even the most seemingly inconsequential purchase for your home? I hadn’t purchased boxed tissue in months, and the family at home used rolled tissue for the occasional runny nose.  Then we had a visitor who was looking for a tissue and we endured the embarrassment […]

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Clean Couponing Tips: Simplest Frozen Pops Ever!

Get the latest resources at! Clean couponing can be so simple that it requires no coupon at all!  In some instances, simply planning ahead to maximum the potential of real food can stretch your food dollar even farther than a coupon could. We want to share some tips on how clean couponing helped our […]

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Harvesting in the Little Organic Family Garden

We’ve started seeds indoors and planted directly in the spring.  We’ve watered and fertilized, weeded and waited.  We did some maintenance right on time, and let some slide, dealing with the consequences.  All in all, it was worth it again this year to grow a little, organic family garden. Our favorite new garden foods have […]

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Hand Pollinating Heirloom Corn in the Little Organic Family Garden

It’s been fun to watch some of the heirloom corn we planted grow into tall stalks this summer.  Since this was the old-fashioned variety, not even hybridized and certainly not transgenic (we’ll just have corn genes with our corn, thank you very much), it required some special care.  We needed to brush up on hand […]

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Michigan Family Making Organic Cotton Diapers in USA

What’s a parent to do when something’s troubling Baby’s sensitive skin?  When diaper rash bothers Baby, parents look for answers. And smart mamas like Christy Malone create their own solutions.   Malone shared, “We started cloth diapering with our second daughter and we had a hard time finding a diaper that really worked for her. […]

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Greener Back-to-School with The Housing Hour on NewsTalk 98.7 Radio

Back-to-school time doesn’t have to lull you into the same old routine.  What if you could save money in the long run by making a few different choices about school purchases and habits this year?  We’ll explore making back-to-school time greener this Saturday morning at 8 am on NewsTalk 98.7 with hosts of the Housing […]

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